5 Meditation Secrets for a Powerful Practice

Zen stuff. Woman meditating.

Meditation - a simple concept for some. But there’s a lot to share and know, much of which we’ve heard many times before. After years of sitting with ourselves, we’ve uncovered a handful of meditation secrets that aren’t mentioned as much as others. 


Are you very busy and stressed? Triple your meditation time.

Typically, we hear that meditation is fine for hectic lifestyles because it only takes ten minutes! We say this to encourage those who need meditation most to start. In truth, a busy, stressed-out person is more likely to see the benefits they’re looking for from a longer practice averaging 30 minutes daily.

First, there’s the breath. Since stressed people are more likely to lack sleep, the alpha breath we access during meditation is crucial to making them feel more rested. Getting a stressed-out person to that state can take more than a couple of minutes. 

Over time, that longer meditation is going to yield a greater ability to focus, innovative thinking to help accomplish tasks, and the reported physical health benefits. People with high stress levels and over-the-top schedules may not see the benefits of a 10-minute practice over several weeks, which leads to them gradually dropping the practice. 


Take space cleansing and clearing more literally. 

Sure, energetic cleansing matters. Creating a space full of special objects in your meditation or yoga area is nice, too. But don’t neglect things like layers of dust and scraps of paper, or collect too many “special objects” in your meditation area. 

Dirt and clutter create psychic noise. It’s anxiety turned outward. Ritualize cleaning your meditation area - selenite wands are good, but soap and water are important, too.


Those meditation apps might not be right for you.

Meditation apps are worth every bit of the hype they’ve gotten over the last few years. They help people fall asleep, teach basic principles, and best of all, expose people to the wondrous sounds of singing bowls

However, using guided meditations with a speaking voice all of the time may be holding you back. Next time you partake in a guided meditation, take a moment and assess where your focus is. Is it with the speaker? Mix it up with silent meditations and singing bowl meditations.


Meditation is liberation.

The most immediate benefit of meditation many search for is relaxation. This isn’t that hard to find; one successful session can induce feelings of relaxation that lasts hours. But one long-term benefit we don’t discuss enough is liberation.

Regular meditation can massively increase your independence and change the way you see yourself. Eventually, you find that you trust your inner voice more, don’t need input from others for decisions, and can navigate the world with more confidence. 


Your mind is not special.

Maybe that sounds harsh, but hear us out. You are indeed a unique and necessary part of the universe. However, if you think your mind is more plagued by thought than everyone else’s or your mental burdens are simply too great for meditation, you’re giving your brain a little too much credit.

You are never going to stop having thoughts during meditation. It can turn and turn the whole time. The question is, are you noticing that? Can you observe the thought, or do you identify with every thought you have? It’s not the absence of thinking that makes you meditate, it’s the observation and detachment from thinking.

What would you consider an underrated fact or secret about meditation? Share yours in the comments and help someone with their practice. 


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  • For me consistency is everything! The more discipline I have the more results I can enjoy. And singing bowls are very good companion. I loved what you share about mix different kinds of maditation.

    María Gabriela Molina de Barrios on

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