10 Ways to Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Home

A singing bowl, red candle, and incense holder sit atop an ornate tapestry.

Do you ever feel like everything is just all wrong? Is home feeling less like home, and more like a hotbed of disorganization, disagreements, and stress?

There will always be times in life when negativity seems to take over. However, that doesn’t mean we should tolerate it in our most important spaces. Here are ten ways to clear the energy in your home and make room for something better.

  1. Shed new light on the situation.

Opening up those curtains and letting some natural light in is a great start. But not every home gets good natural light. Plus, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by a literal mess, making it brighter might not cure your uneasiness.

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of creating a happy, harmonious home can help here.

Try a few different lighting sources, such as lamps and sconces, instead of just one overhead. Strategically placed, this can cast a warm, positive glow.

  1. Clean with intention.

A top-to-bottom cleaning will certainly affect the energy in a home. If that’s not happening, focus on the entryways only. It gives you a fresh start when walking into a room. 

  1. Burn sage.

Cleansing negative energy by burning sage is a very old tradition many swear by. Just be sure you don’t let embers drop, and always keep the windows open. Avoid burning sage or incense if you have asthma or respiratory illness.

  1. Make space for deeply loved objects.

Some people would call this an altar or shrine. But it really comes down to reclaiming a little space from the negative and filling it with your brand of happiness. Clear a side table and arrange your favorite photos, objects, mementos, crystals, whatever else makes you smile.

  1. Add more houseplants.

Fresher air, more moisture, and sprigs of green everywhere. Plants are living things that can reside in any room you choose and share their own energy.

  1. Play your singing bowl.

Many people ring bells to cleanse negative energy, but that’s only because they haven’t caught on to singing bowls.

Ring your singing bowl a few times, and then seed the sound as you play along, a resonant note about the rim. Imagine a dusty cloud of ominous fog lifting from the area as you do. It’s not just energy cleanse, it’s really sound therapy.

  1. Let some things go.

Sometimes the power of decluttering is more about the energy of the objects we’re removing than the space we want to create. Contemplate every piece of furniture, linen, or knick-knack in the room. If you’re a person who easily picks up on energy, you’ll know what must go.

If you aren’t, just be honest about how you feel about that old chewed-up loveseat, and get rid of it.

  1. Use ancient protection methods.

Can’t find the bad influence? Want to guard your space from unwanted energies? For centuries, people have sprinkled salt in the corners of their rooms to ward off bad energies. You might also try crystals like black tourmaline, or a big chunk of purple amethyst.

  1. Redecorate.

Or just rearrange the furniture. Buy something new in your favorite color, or come up with a whole new layout for the area. You’ll see an immediate emotional shift.

  1. Do more that makes you happy.

What’s happening in your room or house that’s dragging it down? If your house is just a place where you collapse after stressful days, nag your family, or dwell on sad memories, of course, it isn’t going to be filled with positive energy.

Make a point to play music, dance, laugh, cook, invite friends over, or keep make it quieter if needed. At the end of the day, your positive energy is much more powerful than any stale or bad vibes your house throws off.

How do you cleanse your home or even yourself of negative energy? What do you think the best tip we shared here is? Let us know in the comments!

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  • My friends have been at eachotheds throat for 2 weeks straight and I know it has to do with the place they have been staying i want to cleanse it for them but inneed a good prayer to ask my spirit guide. Can you suggest one please. Thank you

    Colleen Miller on
  • I absolutely love receiving these tips, so refreshing and useful. Thank you 😊

    Sharon on

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