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Welcome to Silent Mind Singing Bowls

If you’re looking for a beautiful, high quality Tibetan singing bowl you’ve come to the right place. Our bowls sing with a pure tone, hold their tune and look beautiful in any home or studio.

A singing bowl is the perfect way to relax and enrich your meditation or yoga practice, leaving you feeling calm and centered. 


Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries to bring the body and mind into harmony. The cells of our bodies vibrate at specific frequencies in health. Disharmony within the body manifests as disease. Getting peaceful and centered
supports our wellbeing.

Reduce Stress

Stress is the underlying cause of most disease. Inducing the body’s relaxation response restores our natural healing mode often called rest and digest

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Restore Harmony

Tibetan bowl sounds are used to stimulate specific brain wave states that initiate the relaxation response and restore peace and harmony within the mind and body.

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Optimal Healing

Tibetan bowls are often used in combination with meditation, mindfulness or yoga practices to bring the body into an optimal healing mode.

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The best singing bowls have a pure tone, hold their tune and look beautiful in your home or studio.

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Our Mission

Our mission to bring inner peace and harmony to people by providing excellent quality Tibetan singing bowls began in 2015.

Our products are manufactured in Nepal and so the devastating earthquake in April 2015 rocked the foundations of our then fledgling business.

However, together with our team in Kathmandu we have become stronger than ever.

We are the best seller of Tibetan Singing Bowls in a range of online market places.

Our mission together has grown too. We continuously enhance the quality of our bowls and accessories and our geographic reach to bring inner peace and harmony to people worldwide. We’re also helping rebuild the community in Kathmandu and exploring a range of other beautiful Nepalese products to enrich people’s lives.


“When I use these bowls it helps me to reach a place of unfathomable serenity”

- Professional Yoga Instructor

“I have always wanted a singing bowl. When it arrived I could not wait to listen to it. Looks great even as an ornament. Every time I have friends over it is the first thing they ask about and when I play it they are amazed.”

Amazon Customer

“This singing bowl makes the most beautiful sound. It is well made, lovely to look at and was delivered very quickly and well packaged.”

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