Design your perfect singing bowl.


Design your perfect singing bowl

We've heard many times that our singing bowls look and sound beautiful, but we understand that a particular size and color can make a difference. Therefore we're offering you a chance to create your very own custom bowl.

Our artisans are looking forward to creating a one-of-a-kind singing bowl designed by you. We'll even ensure it's tuned to the note of your choosing.

Select the color and the motif of your pilllow and the striker style that works best for you. Match these up with a bowl in your exclusive design, and you've created a singing bowl that resonates very well with you.

Keep in mind

Silent Mind artisans dedicate all of their skill to creating one-of-a-kind custom bowls. It is a process with many steps, requiring time and resources set aside specifically for those wishing to have a genuine bespoke singing bowl. Please be aware that it will be priced accordingly. 

With respect to design, kindly review the finishes and patterns Silent Mind is best known for. While our artisans look forward to bringing your original ideas to life, requests for extremely elaborate etchings and unusual finishes cannot always be honored. 

We're confident you understand that having a totally unique work of art, created using specialized techniques passed down for generations, is priceless. Thank you for your time in considering this when ordering.
Listening to customer feedback is important to a lot of companies, but at Silent Mind, it’s a top priority.