All About the Solar Plexus Chakra

Symbol of Solar Plexus Chakra

Studying the chakras is of great benefit to mindfulness practitioners - even if you don’t necessarily believe in these vortices of energy. The chakras inspire questions and make observations that have us examine who we are. This helps us not only accept ourselves but make a plan for growth.

We can learn a lot about where we’ve been and where to go next by discussing the chakras. Today, let’s learn all about the solar plexus chakra. 


An Introduction to the Solar Plexus Chakra

In the widely accepted seven-chakra system, the solar plexus chakra is the third chakra, sitting above the root and sacral chakras. In Sanskrit, it is known as Manipura, and its sound is RAM. It sits between the heart and the belly, where the diaphragm is. 

Symbolized by the sun, the solar plexus chakra holds the fires of self-mastery, increasing power, and personal purpose. It is your will, your gusto, your freedom of choice. 

In the seven-chakra system, we visualize the chakra to help us open, activate, or balance it. For the solar plexus, picture a gold lotus flower with ten petals. In many artistic depictions, the petals of this golden lotus are richer and darker than the center of the flower, almost as if they are delicately rimmed in brilliant, fiery red flames.


Is my solar plexus chakra blocked?

If any of the following applies to you, you’re making the right choice by learning about the solar plexus chakra.

  1. You are aggressive in expressing yourself or snap at others easily.
  2. You have poor self-esteem and/or low self-confidence.
  3. You think the world is out to get you and most of your problems are caused by others.
  4. You are easily swayed by others’ opinions and frequently doubt your own judgment.
  5. You don’t feel “awake” enough, no matter how much sleep you get, and you crave caffeine. 


How can I strengthen my solar plexus chakra?

Resolving chakra imbalances, blockages, and weaknesses can take time. But if you practice one or more of these methods regularly, you will notice a gradual increase in areas such as energy, ambition, and confidence.

  1. In yoga, sun salutations, including the warrior poses, work on the solar plexus chakra. You may also focus on asanas that engage the entire core.
  2. The solar plexus chakra likes spice. Musky essential oils and healing spices such as ginger and cinnamon may be favorably stimulating. 
  3. Keep a piece of tiger’s eye nearby. As a healing crystal, tiger’s eye works on the solar plexus chakra to help inspire authenticity and stronger willpower.
  4. Try a singing bowl created for your solar plexus chakra. We offer a quartz crystal chakra singing bowl as well as a complete chakra lotus set.

We all experience downturns in life - low energy, drive, will. After a while, it begins to chip away at our self-image until we forget we’re what we’re capable of. Working with the solar plexus chakra reminds us that all we need to propel ourselves forward is inside, waiting to be ignited.

Do you have any insight into the solar plexus chakra? Share it with us in the comments. 

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