Ways to lower anxiety

Ways to lower anxiety

3 Unexpected Ways To Lower Anxiety (All-Natural)

As you might expect, we find the healing tones of a singing bowl are among the best all-natural ways to lower anxiety. Research agrees.

But there are a few less-known potential anxiety-busters that might be worth a shot. Let’s visit a few while we answer some common questions about anxiety.

How can I reduce my anxiety naturally?

Practicing mindfulness daily can help you reduce anxiety naturally over time. In addition to singing bowls, related practices such as yoga and meditation have shown promise.

Research also finds that cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is more effective at reducing anxiety than methods such as stress control education.

Speaking to a healthcare professional is the best place to begin when seeking anxiety management strategies. Your provider can refer you to a behavioral therapist and give their insight into natural approaches such as mindfulness.

3 Unexpected Ways To Lower Anxiety

Now that you have an overview of starting points and long-term strategies, here are a few unusual ideas to try the next time you find your anxiety levels rising.

1. Invite the anxiety in further. 

“More of that, please!” is hardly our reaction to feeling anxiety creep in. And according to some CBT professionals, that’s exactly why it works. Doing the precise opposite of what anxiety tells you to do (be afraid, retreat, panic, worry) makes it harder for anxiety to take root and intensify.

When you feel anxiety growing, firmly resolve not to leave the situation. Do not do anything to check or “test” if you’re okay. Relax your shoulders and think, “Welcome!” 

Now proceed to focus on what’s in front of you - no matter how you feel. You’ll likely find that you can tolerate it for longer and longer periods of time before it begins to subside.

2. Have a laugh.

Anxiety can make us take everything a bit too seriously. So it makes sense that laughing - whether you feel like it or not - has real benefits that can help lower anxiety. 

For example, if anxiety makes you feel like breathing is a struggle, laughter helps. It stimulates all sorts of organs and muscles, enhancing oxygen intake. It can speed up and tire out the stress response. It can also stimulate circulation and increase endorphin release. 

These are all systems and functions that can be hijacked by anxiety, so take back control with a hardy laugh!

As a side note, this may also explain why some of us laugh when we’re nervous. It’s a natural way to relieve some tension. 

3. Grab an orange and a balloon.

If you’re less into mind games and more into quick hacks and tricks, keep an orange and a balloon nearby. Let us explain.

Oranges, or more specifically vitamin C, can help slow down cortisol, the stress hormone. Since vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, we’re constantly having to replenish our stores. That’s why it’s best to enjoy fresh citrus fruit or juice every day.

If anxiety leaves you breathless and the usual breathing exercises are hard to keep up with under pressure, that’s what the balloon is for. Watch as the balloon slowly becomes full with your exhale and smaller with your inhale. 

As you mindfully breathe, you might even realize that simple awareness can bring back what you think anxiety has stolen.

What reduces anxiety fast? 

There’s no guaranteed fast way to get rid of anxiety. That’s why you have to strengthen the mindfulness muscle. With daily mindfulness practices, you find that anxiety does dissipate more quickly. 

It takes time, but it’s one of the only all-natural, research-backed solutions for an anxious brain.

If you’re looking to get into a daily mindfulness practice with sound healing, take our singing bowl selection quiz. And don’t forget to share your best anxiety-reducing tips with everyone in the comments!

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