Feeling stuck? Here are 5 productive things to do right now.

Feeling stuck? Here are 5 productive things to do right now.

Do you find it easier to sleep at night knowing you’ve accomplished something during the day? No matter how much (or how little) we have on our plate, we all want to feel like it was time well spent. 

Keep reading for some essential tips and ideas that can help you feel more productive. 

How do you make a boring day productive?

Some people have their hands in so many projects that it feels nothing is ever truly finished. But what about those of us who are struggling with a clear schedule?

The five ideas below can help you as well, but be mindful that you’re not trying to squeeze results out of much-needed downtime. These are the days you can dedicate to gentle movement, such as walking or yoga. 

Extend your meditation practice, create an at-home sound bath, and write in a journal. This dedication to rest and recovery will help foster a highly productive mindset when things pick up again.

5 Productive Things To Do Today

1. Plan & Organize

This is the big one.

How you manage tasks is the key to enhanced productivity. If you’re just barely treading water with obligations and deadlines, make today part of the highly essential planning process. 

Make to-do lists and create outlines for work tasks. Meal prep and schedule appointments (or move them to a better time). Write down how you will be distributing tasks throughout the week and decide what can be delegated to others. 

Everything will run more smoothly, freeing up more time to finish what you’ve started.

2. Choose a Morning or Evening Routine

Successful people throughout the ages have insisted that their routines are their secret to productivity. Since you have time now, put it into place. 

The right morning routine wipes yesterday’s slate, clearing the way for new projects and goals. Meanwhile, an evening routine lends itself to great sleep hygiene, giving you better-quality rest that improves mental sharpness and focus for the next day.

3. Clean Up

You probably already thought of this, but washing the dishes or doing the laundry isn’t the only productive type of cleaning there is. Clean out your inbox, responding where necessary. Clean out your closet, putting items in a bag for donation.

Or, clean up the energy in your home and office, making way for creative, inspired energy. It’s easy to do with a singing bowl or even a little sage, if you prefer. 

4. Do the Thing You’ve Been Putting Off

Ask yourself - are you looking for something to accomplish so you can avoid a task you’re dreading? In this case, it’s best you just accept that the nagging feeling of un-productivity will remain as long as you refuse to face it.

After all, another tip from successful high achievers is to do the hard stuff first.

5. Help Someone Else

So, you’ve well and truly done it all, and simply can’t stand the thought of having nothing else to knock out. This is an excellent opportunity to relieve someone else of their overwhelm. 

Take something off a coworker’s plate, run an errand for an elderly neighbor, tutor another student, or help a friend clean up. You and the person you assist can enjoy that job-well-done feeling at the end of the day.

What can I do everyday to be productive? 

As you can see with many of these tips, boosting productivity is not all about finding something new to do. Often it’s about changing something behind the scenes for maximum productivity tomorrow.

Building habits for productivity is an everyday task. Stick with that morning routine. Set boundaries that shut out things that drag your schedule down. And keep multitasking to a minimum; you’ll feel better with more tasks completed and fewer in progress. 

Do you have any productivity tips? What do you do when you’re bored? Have you taken our singing bowl selector quiz yet? Let us know in the comments.

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