A Beginner’s Guide to Healing Crystals

An amethyst pendulum and a small piece of quartz sit on an open palm with a tea candle in the background.

If you appreciate singing bowls and meditation, you’ve at least heard about healing crystals. Even if you don’t necessarily believe in their healing power, crystals are wonderful to collect and admire, especially in singing bowl form. 

For the new and curious, here is a basic rundown of some popular crystals and their uses among practitioners. Remember, there are thousands of kinds of crystals, gems, minerals, and what-have-you on our planet. However, the following healing crystals are some of the easiest to find.



Many healers say that amethyst isn’t the most powerful of crystals, but it sure is beautiful and plentiful. It’s associated with intuition, so you might try keeping a chunk around if you want to feel more connected to your third eye chakra. 



Obsidian is usually a jet-black stone known for its protective properties. If you regularly cleanse energies in and around your home/person, obsidian is one way to keep negativity from dirtying it up again too quickly. 



The idea that a stone can relieve pain may sound wild, but thousands of parents swear by them for their teething babies. If you’d rather look to other pain solutions, amber is still beloved for encouraging healing and balance. 


Jasper (Variety)

Jasper comes in a wide array of colors and markings. One of the most popular types is red jasper, which is a grounding stone. Another lauded variety is zebra jasper, the stone of contentment and compassion. Green jasper can help you refocus when your attention is in the wrong places.



Moonstone is well-known because it makes beautiful jewelry, and wearing it isn’t such a bad idea, considering its healing properties. Wear a moonstone pendant or ring if you want to foster growth, find more strength, or want a bit of extra luck. 


Lapis Lazuli

Even for all its vibrancy, this blue stone is supremely soothing. If you want to tone down a hot-headed nature or call forth your inner wisdom, lapis lazuli is a great place to start. Like amethyst, it corresponds to the third eye chakra. 



There are various types of aventurine, but green is the most popular, and you will often find it highly recommended for beginners. Sometimes regarded as a stone to bring love, it’s said to increase harmony and togetherness. Many also swear that it has real physical benefits and is particularly helpful with sinuses and metabolism. 


Quartz (Variety)

Rose quartz, smoky quartz, and of course, clear quartz. You can’t do a drop of research on healing crystals without encountering some quartz. In addition to making the loveliest singing bowls, purposes for types of quartz range from deep healing (clear) to easing heartbreak (rose) to detoxifying energies (smoky).



If you decide you’d like to keep some healing crystals around, you also need some selenite. Selenite is a purifier, and many use it to cleanse their other crystals so they keep working their best. For the user or their crystals, selenite is said to remove obstacles and dislodge blockages.


If you collect crystals, which is your favorite? Do you think they have healing properties, or do you just enjoy having them around? Tell us what you know in the comments.

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  • I collect crystals. My favorite is a green jasper “egg”. It’s pretty big and my favorite color. I think the only one I’ve used for healing is citrine. It seemed to work, but it could have been the placebo effect. Either way, my crystals are beautiful!

    Autumn on
  • Love this! Thank you for sharing!

    kasey millington on

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