Why You Should Enjoy Spending Valentine’s Day Alone

A man in a brightly colored jacket sits alone in a brightly-painted room, solving a Rubik's cube.

There are plenty of reasons you find yourself spending Valentine’s Day alone. It could be quarantine, happy singledom, a recent breakup, or social anxiety. While Valentine’s Day is heavily marketed as a holiday for romantic partners, the larger message is still love. Since love is everywhere and available to anyone, it’s fine to celebrate alone. 

In fact, it could be even better than that overpriced dinner date. 


There are benefits to being alone.

People who learn to enjoy being alone experience a range of life improvements. They get to know themselves better and clarify what they want in life. As a result, the relationships they do have are higher-quality.

And when left on their own, these people also get more done, and have more ideas.This Valentine’s Day, ask yourself why you’d see companionship filling some kind of void. Ask if that void can be filled by strengthening your relationship with yourself. Or, simply wonder how much more productive you’d be if you weren’t preoccupied with someone else’s company. 

At least consider alone time as an opportunity for self-awareness. Many people primarily see themselves through other people’s eyes, which breeds inauthenticity and discontent. 



You have space to brighten someone else’s Valentine’s. 

When we’re dissatisfied, we feel alone in that unhappiness - we’d swear no one else had ever been unhappy or struggled in this specific way. It’s just not true; all forms and sizes of suffering have been felt. None of the symptoms of that suffering are unique. Understanding this should be enough reason to want to comfort someone else.

Instead of ruminating on your own boredom, loneliness, or general bad lot in life, make the holiday better for someone else. If your intention is truly to benefit another, the joy will come back to you.

Send an encouraging message to a child in the hospital, buy your lonely neighbor a box of chocolates, or call a friend you know isn’t happy about being alone on Valentine’s Day. See your alone-ness as a gift that gives you room to make it a better day for someone who deserves it.

Give yourself the love you deserve. 

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you just want to be spoiled on this day. You want to feel admired, desired, and appreciated. The best person for the job is YOU. 

Chances are, you’re already dedicating enough energy to others; it’s the main reason we fail to take care of ourselves. Don’t put the power of feeling good in someone else’s hands on Valentine’s Day. 

Treat yourself to a mesmerizing sound bath, buy yourself something nice, or simply take the evening off to rest. Think of new ways to show yourself love and the lonely times won’t feel like loneliness - they’ll feel peaceful.

What do you think of spending Valentine’s Day alone? Would you rather skip the holiday altogether than celebrate it by yourself? Share your answers and any ideas you have for an ideal date with yourself in the comments below. 

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