The Secret Ingredients To a Great Day

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Is a day something that just happens to you, or is it something you create? We all have obligations and menial tasks we don’t look forward to, but that doesn’t erase a day’s potential to be great. 

Want to feel good when it’s all said and done - without having to try and book a vacation? Having a great day isn’t all about immersing yourself in your favorite things; there are a few hidden factors that turn things around.

Here are a few things we consider the secret ingredients to a great day. 


Start your day with your OWN thoughts.

Do you wake up and immediately reach for your phone? Maybe you let a minute pass, visit the bathroom, or get something to drink. Still, too many of us spend the earliest parts of our day scrolling. 


Why is this wrong? The latest news impacts you, doesn’t it? You’re cutting down on screen time before bed, after all. Maybe morning is just when you like checking your feed to see what everyone’s up to. 


The problem with this is that you’re polluting your energy, mood, opinions, and feelings. You are immediately allowing others to impact what you think about first thing in the morning. Even if the content isn’t particularly distressing, early morning media is a mask. 


Instead, spend a few quiet minutes tuning into yourself. Note the quality of your thoughts and any sensations in the body. To adjust or optimize how you’re feeling, spend a few minutes with your singing bowl, letting the vibrations initiate a shift. 



Do one thing you’ve never done before. 

This doesn’t mean you have to climb a mountain or win a prestigious award. Recognize your power and push yourself a little further than you did yesterday. Work toward a yoga posture you didn’t think you could, learn a phrase in a different language, or do tasks you typically put off right away.


Whether this task means you learned something new or achieved something, there are real biological rewards. With new information or goals, your brain’s reward center releases dopamine. Some scientists posit that that’s why you like looking at your phone so much; seeing and reading things for the first time leads to mini-hits of dopamine. 


However, given that there are serious drawbacks to having a digital addiction, it’s best to take this exercise offline. Get that mood boost by working on things that actually benefit you in real time. 



Be mindful of your surroundings. 

Sure, having an awareness of your environment can be incredibly grounding, which leads to a better mood in the long run. But you should use your mindful awareness of your surroundings to tailor the environment to your ideal day. 


If you’re working in a dark corner, see if you can get a more favorable view. Spend time creating your personal soundtrack to a great day, and keep it playing with everything you do. 


It’s worth investing time in this the night before. Do a 15-minute tidying of your space, or completely clear clutter from your desk. You’ll appreciate it the next day. We are always subconsciously processing what’s going on in the background, so this step almost subliminally sets the tone for a great day.


What do you consider a great day? What small changes have improved your daily life? Let us know below!


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