Mistakes That Are Actually Successes

Mistakes That Are Actually Successes

“Am I doing this right?” It’s a common refrain during meditation. 

Because the biggest benefits of meditation are gradually seen over time, the results aren’t always immediately measurable. 

As always, it’s as much about the journey as it is the destination. Here are meditation “mistakes” we make along the way that could actually be great indicators of success.

You only practice one kind of meditation.

Walking meditation, loving-kindness meditation, singing bowl meditation, progressive relaxation meditation, mindfulness meditation, and many more. Any well-rounded practitioner would be familiar with practicing all of them, right? Yet here you are, doing the same one day after day.

In reality, doing one kind for weeks or months on end is a good way to get the benefits of meditation. You are training (and changing!) your brain. 

Similarly, if you decide to try a new kind of meditation, stick with it for a few weeks or more. Avoid hopping around from style to style every day.

You keep getting distracted.

You’ve been at this for what seems like forever, and the mind still wanders. Well, congratulations, you’re doing it right.

Noticing how often you get distracted means you’re being mindful. You are noting and redirecting the mind consistently throughout your practice. Hence, you’re doing it right. 

It’s okay if you never find total peace for the majority of a session; a lot of us never will. If you are in the present, bringing your mind back when you catch it running away, you’re successfully meditating.

You fell asleep during meditation.

Okay, maybe the goal shouldn’t be to fall asleep, but it is a sign that you’re doing one thing right - relaxing the body. 


The classic seven-point meditation posture is used everywhere for a reason, but it’s not right for everyone’s body, and it can be tough for beginners to maintain. Meditation shouldn’t put you to sleep, but it should never hurt.


If you need to lie down for your daily meditation, do it. Anything that lets you turn inward and do the work is beneficial.


Besides, one of the greatest indicators of long-term meditation success is better sleep.


Silent Mind is your partner in a more mindful way of life.


In or out of meditation, we’re always here to help. Whether that’s a singing bowl break before bed or the perfect gift for someone you love, we have the tools to help you find a peaceful moment.


Share your thoughts or concerns on your meditation practice in the comments, and check back soon for more. 


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