How Meditation Can Help Build Stronger, Happier Relationships

How Meditation Can Help Build Stronger, Happier Relationships

Meditation is often something we do all alone. But that doesn’t mean people around you don’t enjoy the benefits, too. 

In addition to helping you perform better at work, regular meditators see the following improvements in their personal relationships. 

Meditation makes us grateful for our partners. 

Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions in your relationship? The hum-drum sameness of daily life obscures just how lucky we may be in love. 

As you practice gratitude meditations, you don’t have to focus on your partner. Yet with time, you’ll find it’s easier to access feelings of appreciation for your partner. You’ll notice more of their attributes and acts to be grateful for.

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Meditation helps you manage stress.

How much of your stress ends up getting taken out on other people? Many of us would be surprised just how deeply our tone, posture, impatience, and fatigue ends up affecting our spouses or partners. After all, you’re not intentionally adding tension. 

To counter this, do something intentional. Mindfulness meditations are an effective way to relieve stress. So, when you come out of meditation, you’re more likely to have positive interactions that aren’t colored by your stress levels. 

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Meditation helps you let go. 

Non-attachment is a core ideal in meditation and mindfulness practices. If you’re always struggling to maintain control of your job, relationships, thoughts, finances, or whatever else, you need more moments when you release your grip and just let it be

As we shared in our Beginner’s Guide to Non-Attachment, this practice lets you experience love freely and honestly with less expectation, score-keeping, and resentment. 

Non-attachment can also allow you to peacefully exit relationships you’ve realized aren’t working anymore. 

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How has meditation helped your relationships with loved ones? If you haven’t tried it yet, what improvements are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments. 


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