Can meditation make you better at your job?

Meditation helps clear the mind

Among the many stresses of work is the worry that we’re not performing as well as we could. After all, job success today can mean raises and promotions tomorrow. For business owners, it can mean your company pulls ahead of the competition or stays open for another year.

Here are the ways we’ve seen meditation make a difference at work.

Focus all the way to the finish line.

Even on the slower days, it can feel like your attention is getting pulled in all different directions. We try to remedy this with planning, from to-do lists to setting aside blocks of time for particular tasks. 

That’s a good start, but ultimately, staying on task requires moment-to-moment vigilance. This type of automatic, near-subconscious vigilance for filtering out distractions can be strengthened by regular meditation.

Research finds that those who go extra hard with meditation enjoy measurable increases in their ability to focus on a single task. 

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Clarity that helps you move forward.

If nothing else, meditation helps clear the mind. With daily practice, we can quiet the thought cycle and access this clarity at any time. 

Plus, most of us serve in job roles that could benefit from more clarity. It helps us make good decisions faster and know where to begin when starting new tasks. 

So, the next time you leave that meditation session with an incredibly clear mind, understand that continuing your practice will strengthen this ability.

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Recover from the stress of too many bad days.

One of meditation’s most valuable benefits is resilience. Resilience is what we need to bounce back from discouragement, fatigue, and any other situation that causes stress.

A study once set out to decrease stress and increase resilience in two groups of people. The first group meditated, and the second group went on a relaxation retreat (think of the spa day you dream about during meetings).

Both reduced stress, but only the meditation group enjoyed a lasting increase in resilience. Months after their days of dedicated meditation, researchers could still detect and measure the effects.

What’s been the one thing that helps you at work? Has meditation improved the way you do your job? Let us know in the comments.


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