The Simple Secret To Deeper Meditation And Improved Mindfulness

Benefits Of A Singing Bowl

​​1. Healing And Immune System Function
2. ​Creative Renaissance And Problem Solving
3. Subconscious Training

Singing bowls have been used for centuries for their ability to induce deep mental states, improve mindfulness, and generate an overall sense of calm


 ''Absolutely obsessed! I can not believe the sound that comes out of this beautiful piece of work. So calming and the sound rings in my ears, blocking all negative thoughts- allowing me to focus on myself and what’s in front of me. I highly recommend this!'' - Mary V.


 ''I am new to meditation and singing bowls, but I did a good deal of research on bowls before chosing Silent Mind, and I'm certain I made the right decision. I like just looking at it, let alone, striking it! What's more important is the level of customer service you receive. Silent Mind is intentional in providing quality products, and it makes the overall experience all the more rewarding.'' - Jasper K.


 ''Silent mind is a family run business that really care for its customers. They sent this beatiful singing bowl with clear instructions and a sweet email. I am practicing every day to achieve the best sound. It is lovely and playing it is so relaxing. The vibration when the bowl tunes into its frequency is phenomenal, I love it! I recommend it to everyone, the sound power of this bowl is a miracle to explore.'' Alexa D.

Choose The Singing Bowl That's Right For You!

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Due to the high quality, handmade nature of these singing bowls, we advise you order your singing bowl while they are still in stock.