Cyber Monday? Make Way for Giving Tuesday

Cyber Monday? Make Way for Giving Tuesday

Black Friday’s more modern cousin, Cyber Monday, has come and gone. We hope you were able to take advantage of our great Silent Mind discounts to celebrate the season. If not, no worries. Our everyday prices are still among the very best you can find authentic, high-quality singing bowls.

The Monday after Black Friday is really gaining traction all over the world. It’s likely the biggest day of the year for online shoppers, with 2018’s Cyber Monday haul raking in $7.9 billion.  That’s a nearly 20% leap from the year before!

What in the world are people spending that much money on? Electronics, usually. Shoppers spent more than $2 billion dollars on smartphones last Cyber Monday.

That may be disheartening news for some. After all, mindfulness and meditation aid us in moving toward a lifestyle less dependent on screens and social media. We enjoy balance; staying connected and benefiting from conveniences, but remaining rooted in the present moment.

We feel grateful for luxuries that might be material but are more often felt in the heart. That’s part of what the day AFTER Cyber Monday is all about.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is described as a “global generosity movement”. It formally began in 2012 with the intention of spreading goodwill, helping others, and donating to charity.

Personally, we think it’s one of the best ideas ever. What better way to nudge buyer’s remorse aside, remember the reason for the season, and get back to what truly matters?

If you’re just learning about Giving Tuesday, here are some examples of things you can do to celebrate:

  • Start a neighborhood food drive
  • Buy a coffee for the person in line behind you
  • Collect blankets for the homeless
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter
  • Offer to run errands for an elderly friend or neighbor
  • Smile and say “thank you” to cashiers, custodians, and other service workers who don’t always get the recognition they deserve

These are acts large and small that come in addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars charities take in on Giving Tuesday. We’re confident that with a little more time to catch on, Giving Tuesday’s “revenue” will give Cyber Monday a run for its money.

 Your Giving Tuesday Gift

Giving Tuesday gifts are gifts that keep on giving. Benefits you can enjoy for years, mental and physical, are exactly what we had in mind when developing our eBook series.

For Giving Tuesday, we’re gifting you with our latest: Singing Bowls for Relaxation. In this eBook, we get real about stress. What’s happening when we don’t make time to relax? What are the long-term impacts? How do singing bowls help?

You’ll find tons of great advice in this one, so don’t miss out on it. And hey, if you know someone who could use some serious stress relief, spread that Giving Tuesday spirit and share it with them as well.

Did you miss last week’s? Simply go back and get it now.

So, what did you score on Cyber Monday? How are you celebrating Giving Tuesday? Let us know in the comments, and come back next week for more.


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