5 Qualities the Best Singing Bowls Have In Common

5 Qualities the Best Singing Bowls Have In Common

Name your three favorite things about the singing bowl you already have. If it was made right, then in some ways, it’s one of a kind. However, there are several qualities the best singing bowls have in common. Read on to see how your singing bowl measures up!

  1. Sound


In the end, it comes down to the sound. The best singing bowls might differ in tone and timbre, but all the same, they must sound excellent. When you strike your singing bowl, it should still be ringing moments afterward.


A good singing bowl always responds well to the way you use it, too. The volume and intensity of the ringing and singing should reflect how gently or joyfully you’re playing it.


  1. Authenticity


Generations of artisans have been sharing the secrets of crafting great singing bowls for a very long time. You want your singing bowl to come from a company who understands this, and uses traditional methods and materials to make their bowls.


Otherwise, there are no guarantees as to how rich the sound will be, or how long the bowl itself will remain in decent playing shape. For instance, our bowls are made by hand in Nepal from local materials, which is widely seen as the standard in authentic, high-quality singing bowls.


  1. Style


There’s no one way to enjoy a singing bowl. From trauma therapy to general mindfulness, we all have our reasons for hanging onto that singing bowl. The best bowls have durable finishes, and are available in designs that really speak to you.


In forging a lasting connection with your singing bowl, it’s vital that you can appreciate it with your eyes as much as your ears. Like we always say, you’re more likely to use it if you want to keep it out on display.


  1. Accessibility


These days, great singing bowls aren’t extremely rare or hard to find - you just have to know where to look! Granted, there are some exceptional antiques out there to be had by collectors. But just about anyone can pick up and play the best singing bowls.


As a tool for self-development, singing bowls shouldn’t be intimidating to use or unreasonably expensive.


  1. Conscience


How often do you sit and wonder where the things you buy come from, and who makes them? We do this often, and so do a lot of our customers. Because singing bowls are part of so many mindfulness practices, it’s important that we do our best to get them from mindful companies.


Are you more likely to get good results from a product when it has good origins? That’s up for debate, but we feel that singing bowls in particular should remain associated with principles like peace, compassion, and abundance. This is why we treat our team fairly and make an effort to give back.


Does any of this impact the way you feel about your singing bowl? Which of the above qualities do you believe are most important? What additional qualities do you feel the best singing bowls should have? Leave a comment below and weigh in!

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