How Are Silent Mind Singing Bowls Made? An Inside Look

How Are Silent Mind Singing Bowls Made? An Inside Look

What makes a Silent Mind singing bowl so special?

If we really took our time in answering this, it would be a pretty long list. But one of the main ways our bowls differ from others on the market is the way they’re made - completely by hand! Today, we’d like to take a moment to let you in on our process.

To start, here are three basic stages of creating a Silent Mind singing bowl:

  1. Molding - It all begins with locally-sourced Himalayan metals. We bring these to our factory in Nepal and melt them down to create a special alloy. Then, it’s poured into a mold in just the right size and shape.  

  1. Polishing - The mold sets the stage for singing bowl greatness, but here is where some of the finer details come into focus. Each bowl is polished in preparation for our exclusive design etching and carving.

This is also where Silent Mind bowls undergo their first sound test. If it doesn’t pass muster during this initial test, its journey, sadly, ends here. Those that do meet the proper criteria move onto etching.

  1. Etching - When it’s time for etching, our singing bowls are transported to a second location in Nepal, where a group of artisans are waiting for them. These artisans use traditional tools and techniques to customize your new bowl.

In some cases, they’ll perform hand hammering before they proceed to etching. If a beaten pattern isn’t part of the plan, it’s etching only.

Now it’s time to guarantee that your design and finish are brought up to Silent Mind quality.

The etched, hammered, or carved bowls are stored for a limited time in an acidic chemical. We watch them very closely during this step, as there is a specific amount of time they should remain submerged. If we take them out before the time is just right, the finish won’t last. Leave them in just a little bit too long, and the bowl will be damaged. No damaged bowl proceeds beyond this step.

Now our singing bowls take another trip to meet a fine group of ten Nepali women who are happy to receive them. It’s here that another comprehensive quality check is performed. After the test, they carefully wrap each bowl with its new pillow and striker, and box each set up for shipping.

The physical process detailed here, while absolutely critical, is really just the last half. A great deal of love and labor goes into conceptualizing and designing each Silent Mind bowl. Each design concept must be studied again and again to ensure our artisans can confidently create the design without making a single sacrifice in the sound department.

So there you have it. Silent Mind singing bowls are not just another product manufactured and shipped out into the world; the goals, tools, and skill it takes to make each one have endured for centuries. Add in a dash of Silent Mind innovation to ensure best possible quality, and you have what we consider the perfect singing bowl.

Is there any part of the process that surprised you? Do you still have questions about how your singing bowl was made? Leave a comment below!  

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  • Hi Chuck,

    Thanks so much for leaving your comment. We really appreciate your interest in our products.

    The symbols in and around the bowl are the “Om Mani Padme Hum” mantra in Tibetan script, a mantra that many believe is capable of creating a transformation of energy/vibration into divine qualities. Practitioners may interpret this mantra in many different ways. There are also those that do not adhere to the strict meaning of the words but go beyond that and focus on the effects of the sound of the mantra itself.

    Thanks again for your message. If you have further questions or concerns, please let us know at

    Jamie Mendler
    Silent Mind Customer Happiness

    Jamie Mendler on
  • How can I know what the writing/symbols on my bowl mean?

    CHuck on

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