The Silent Mind Singing Bowl: The Gift of Peace and Harmony for the Holidays

The Silent Mind Singing Bowl: The Gift of Peace and Harmony for the Holidays

The season of gift-giving is upon us!


A lot of people worry about the heavy focus on material goods during the holiday season. But when we choose a few thoughtful gifts intended to enrich the lives of the people we cherish, there’s little to worry about. It actually feels more like giving than consuming.


That’s why we should take the time to mindfully choose the right gifts for the right people. And since a fair portion of Silent Mind singing bowls are purchased as gifts, we have a very good idea of who in your life may enjoy one. 


  • Your child’s school teacher. Yelling is out, and singing is in. Even if your child’s teacher isn’t intentionally engaging kids in mindfulness or meditation, a singing bowl is the perfect addition to their classroom. One reviewer states, “I teach art and it helps center my students and I before we begin creating.”


The chime of a singing bowl is a pleasant, calming way to get the class’s attention without having to raise your voice. And because our bowls are perfect for beginners, too, students will love the opportunity to try it out themselves.


  • Your yoga instructor. Singing bowls are an excellent choice for the mind-body teacher in your life. Whether they keep it in their studio for the whole class to enjoy, or make it part of their personal practice, it’s a gift they’ll really want to use.


Do they already have and use singing bowls? Because singing bowls are truly unique, they can still be appreciated by experienced users. The tone and design you choose might be just what they were looking to add to their collection.


  • Your coworker or boss. Do you have a perpetually stressed out coworker? Better yet, could your boss use a little more balance? It may surprise you to learn that this is a very popular reason people choose Silent Mind.


As one of our customer shares, “My boss and I visited a company client that was offering a wellness day event…my boss really enjoyed the singing bowls so for his birthday I bought him one. He now keeps it on his desk in his office and from time to time I can hear it singing at work.”


  • Your therapist. Even if you’re not in therapy yourself, you might know someone in the wellness arena who would appreciate a new tool for their clients. Massage therapists, trauma therapists, life coaches, and counselors alike love using singing bowls to enhance their services.


Here’s more from one of our supporters: "It can be used for a variety of clinical reduce anxiety and manage stress, reduce depression, pain reduction, and heightening awareness. I have used it previously with clients during my schooling and saw great results.”


So this year, consider handing out a little peace and harmony - it’s the gift that keeps on giving.


What’s on your wish list this year? Who in your life would benefit from a singing bowl? Kindly take a moment to share below, and Happy Holidays!

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