Which singing bowl should you buy? Silent Mind’s Top Singing Bowl Picks for 2022

Which singing bowl should you buy? Silent Mind’s Top Singing Bowl Picks for 2022

Silent Mind may have helped pioneer making authentic, affordable hand-held singing bowls available worldwide, but we’ve expanded a lot since then.  

Here’s a short list of which singing bowls you should buy before 2022 comes to a close. Try something new, learn about a special offering, or peruse our classics. 

The Best Singing Bowl for Your Desk: The Antique Singing Bowl with Red Pillow

We’ll start off with a Silent Mind classic. The best-selling Antique looks great displayed on a desk but is compact enough not to clutter your workspace.


It’s ideal for workday mindfulness breaks (especially before meetings). Learn more about it and get one ASAP right here.

The Best Singing Bowl for Cleansing: The Black Bliss Singing Bowl Set

This bowl helps us set an intention to replace stagnant or negative energy with bliss. With a striking black and bronze appearance, it’s hand-etched - not painted - for years and years of excellent vibes.

Play it in any space you’d like to optimize and welcome positive energy. Take a closer look here.

The Best Singing Bowl for Certified Singing Bowl Lovers: The Golden Solstice Collectible Singing Bowl Set

If you or a loved one are ready to step up your collection, you don’t want to miss this. The Golden Solstice set comes in various sizes and is individually hand-numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

It’s the reliability and beauty all Silent Mind bowls offer with a little something extra special you can pass down for generations. Get it before it’s gone

The Best Singing Bowl for Instructors: The Throat Chakra Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Yoga, meditation, and more - if you or someone you know teaches mindfulness, self-development, or spiritual practices, this bowl is an excellent way to introduce chakras. The throat chakra in particular can help people open communication pathways.

Plus, with a crystal singing bowl, students can finally experience one of those in-person sound baths they’ve been eating up on social media. Find your voice right here.

The Best Singing Bowl for Kids and Families: The Blue Gratitude Singing Bowl

It must be acknowledged that kids like colorful things. Add a shiny, pretty blue bowl and see them (or you, to be honest) become more attracted to mindfulness tools. The Blue Gratitude singing bowl is great for little hands and easy to play.

Play it while meditating on what you’re grateful for, and see it up close right here.

Have any questions about the bowls shared here?

Need help on your next singing bowl purchase.

Take our Interactive Singing Bowl Selector and find the PERFECT bowl for you!


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