Finding the Perfect Balance With The Right Morning Routine

Finding the Perfect Balance With The Right Morning Routine

Let your morning routine be the key to your success and give you a peaceful start to the day.

The first hour or two of the day can have a tremendous impact on how we manage stress and maintain productivity. Instead of trying to avoid the day’s unexpected challenges, clear your mind and make space to accept all of it. 

Create a morning routine that sets you up to handle whatever the day throws at you.

Here’s how.

Step One: Get out of bed as soon as you wake.

Rolling over for “just five more minutes” or catching up with what’s happened on your phone since last night never helps. In fact, this is where dread, anxiety, and idleness take hold.

You’ll also be more prone to aches and stiffness.

As soon as you’re awake, leave your bed. Now is the time to drink a glass of water, wash your face, and move the body. Give your body the signals that it is time to start the day.

Paying close attention to the present is essential here. Do not hold onto thoughts of what will happen later in the day. 

Watch as you start the day and be mindful. Mentally describe what you’re doing as you do it to give yourself that awareness of the present and prepare for the day ahead. 

Step Two: Practice, practice, practice.

Whether it’s meditation, yoga, or both, a morning practice is best executed very shortly after waking on an empty stomach. 

Dedicate 10 to 30 minutes to meditation and/or movement. Your Silent Mind singing bowl is there to mark the beginning and end of your practice. 

The soothing sound feels ceremonial, reminding you that in many ways, your morning routine is a sacred practice in itself.

Make this morning session a habit and allow peace to take hold. 

Mindfulness and meditation are a journey that you will get better at. Some days will be easier than others.

The key is to be deliberate and devote the time to your sessions.

You will find these sessions will set you up to handle the day.

Step Three: Charge your batteries.

So far, so good. Now it’s time to nourish the body and for many, breakfast (if it happens) comes with a cup of coffee.

The trouble is, the peaceful tone you’ve set so far can turn on a dime with the jolt and jitter of caffeinated, acidic coffee. 

This is why we created meditation coffee.

Meditation coffee? Yes. It’s named as such because it provides more energy than decaf, but its special blend isn’t as jarring as full-caf. Silent Mind’s meditation coffee is also certified organic and less acidic than regular coffee.

Even if you aren’t sensitive to stimulants, you’ll find it makes you feel fresher with clear-headed alertness and no crash. It’s the perfect balance between energized and calm.  

Bonus Tip: Meditation coffee also makes it easier to sneak that afternoon pick-me-up without risking insomnia that night. 

Step Four: Put the day’s goals and intentions in writing.  

Think of it as journaling - or don’t. Now you are ready to attend to the day’s to-do lists, reflect on yesterday, or simply empty your mind onto a page. 

Writing practically anything in the morning is a stellar way to gauge today’s headspace. It’s an especially good time to take stock of what tasks you have and rearrange when there’s too much on your plate, preventing overwhelm.

Or, you can simply write about your dreams from the night before. Recording your dreams, along with a daily meditation practice, can gradually make dreams more vivid, revealing what takes center stage in your subconscious.   

Step Five: Get Started.


Each day brings its own set of challenges and each person is different.

Give yourself a strong start to each day by putting a morning routine in place. 

Some days it will be easier than others but the key is to be consistent and build good habits.

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You will be matched with a bowl that takes into account your unique situation.

What does your ideal morning look like? Has a morning routine improved your life in any way? If you are just getting started, let us know how it is going.

Please share in the comments. 


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