Silent Mind Exclusive: Six New Singing Bowl Designs

Silent Mind Exclusive: Six New Singing Bowl Designs

Here at Silent Mind, we never tire of our singing bowls. No matter where we’re at, they’re the perfect way to stress less. And we’re so happy that our customers agree! Over the past few years, you’ve been reviewing our bowls using words like, “a true miracle,” and, “deeply impressed.”

In fact, we don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that some of our bestselling singing bowls are considered absolute classics among online shoppers.

Since then, we’ve added custom design to our repertoire, allowing you to create a bowl to your specifications.

It couldn’t get much better than that, could it? Well, we have exciting news for those who love our designs - we’ve just added more to the lineup. On September 14th, we welcomed six new singing bowl sets to the Silent Mind family (left to right, top to bottom on the above photo):

Purity White

The Beaten Antique in Glossy Black

The Beaten Antique in Matte Black

Power and Strength

The Peace Mantra

The Special Antique in Black

Notice anything unusual about our new additions? While all are beautiful, singing bowls with stark black and pure white finishes are quite rare. Many manufacturers avoid turning out singing bowls in these shades because it is difficult to avoid glaring imperfections.

However, the team of artisans handcrafting Silent Mind bowls have it covered. They’ve merged their centuries-old traditional skill with a pinch of innovation to flawlessly execute these exclusive finishes.

We’re also extremely proud of our new Beaten Antique collection. You now have the option of choosing from muted matte or gleaming glossy finishes. The Special Antique continues the design legacy Silent Mind began years ago, while we’ve never seen a bowl that inspires solitude on sight quite like the new Peace Mantra.

Each new singing bowl is offered as a complete set, just like our others. We’re offering our pillows in designer colors, as well as our unique, dual-ended striker with pencil grip.

That’s not all that’s staying the same. We understand that some of our most devoted customers might be wary of the change. Above all, Silent Mind wants to assure everyone that no sacrifices were made in the sound department when creating the new designs.

They’re still made in Nepal from locally-sourced materials. Our new bowls ring and sing like every Silent Mind singing bowl is intended to - with superior tone, depth, and beauty.

We can’t wait for you and your loved ones to see our new designs in person; they’re even more stunning than the photos suggest. As a gift this holiday season, or as part of your meditation practice, we’re sure they’ll become as valuable to you as our classic designs have. No one else is offering bowls in these finishes, making them a truly unique addition to anyone’s collection.

Until your new singing bowl arrives, we’d love to hear your first impressions. Which of our the new designs grabs your attention first? Are there any other design concepts you’d love to see in the future? Be sure to leave a comment below and share it with us.

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