March Mindfulness: Monthly Goals

A bullet journal surrounded by pens features a neatly drawn plan for monthly goals.

In January, we discussed having a mindful New Year. Hopefully, you were able to use these tips to start 2020 off on a mindful note. Even if you did, it’s not a given that you’ve since kept up. It’s normal to lose a little steam. So, to get our mindfulness practice going again, we introduce March Mindfulness.

March Mindfulness is a set of goals to increase our commitment to a happier, more conscious life lived in the present. If you’re struggling, go ahead and pick only one goal to dedicate yourself to for the entire month.

Learn Something New About Yourself.

How much of your daily life is dictated by others? What your kids need, what your boss wants, what you feel you “should” be doing based on your age, location, or gender. While we meet everyone else’s needs and our own expectations, something else goes unnoticed.

The true you! This March, make the choice to discover one thing about yourself you didn’t know or had forgotten.


Limit Tech Use.

Lots of people view the commitment to reduce screen time as negative. The idea of staying off your phone for an extended period of time feels like a punishment or struggle.

Stop trying to make massive changes all at once. Resolve to stop using your phone for a period of one to two hours a day. This is enough of a break to make room for something better, and it’s much easier to stick to.


Take Breathing Breaks.

Meditating every day? If you fell out of step with a daily meditation practice, ease yourself back in with daily breathing breaks. Five minutes every day, check in with your breath. Bring a singing bowl into it if you need help engaging yourself for the full five minutes.

Sometimes the best way to meditate daily is to stop calling it “meditation”. Lift the pressure and stay present something you do all the time anyway, like breathing.


Be Honest with Someone.

What makes you feel real, in tune and touch with yourself? If you’re not sure, just try the truth. Bring a little more honesty and authenticity into your relationships.

Honesty doesn’t have to be brutal. In fact, in many personal relationships, keeping everything to ourselves is what prevents people from building trust. Share more about yourself and what’s on your mind. By next month, you’ll find yourself creating stronger bonds and having more meaningful interactions.


Change One Behavior.

Shaking up your routine or disrupting one habit can have a remarkable trickle-down effect on your life. For example, waking up 30 minutes earlier can give you more time for a better breakfast, which gives you more energy. That energy makes your morning more productive, and you even have an easier time exercising daily.

The act of altering or diverting from a behavior requires daily mindfulness. Making new, conscious choices that exist outside of our conditioning is a great way to practice mindfulness.


Did you ring in the New Year mindfully? How has it gone since then? Are you going to participate in March Mindfulness? Let us know in the comments.


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