Bringing Nature Indoors: How to Increase Peace and Calm in Any Space

A young woman wearing a hat stands in her apartment filled with natural light and plants.
A little while back, we explored forest bathing. It’s a mindfulness practice that, naturally, takes place in the forest. It’s highly beneficial for those in crowded, urban areas who really need the restorative powers of nature to rebalance and feel at ease.

So, what happens when you’re stuck at home? When you can’t travel to a forest, an ocean, or even a park? What if you don’t even have a yard? Fortunately, there are ways to give any dwelling a natural, peaceful feel.

Pick a Natural Color Palette

True, it’s not practical to fill your apartment with rocks and trees. But if the forest is your outdoor getaway of choice, you can dress your home up in earth tones and deep emerald greens.

Similarly, you can choose placid blues and soft beiges for a more oceanside feel. Never, ever underestimate the power of color.


Make Soothing Sounds Part of the Environment

What kind of background noise are you subjected to daily? You might have never noticed that a major contributor to your stress includes the distant sound of cars, neighbors, kids, and construction equipment.

Begin to drive it all away by keeping nature sounds playing. The sound of rain, birds singing in the forest, or ocean waves are popular picks. These also happen to accompany the sound of your singing bowl very nicely.

Get More Plants

Don’t have very many houseplants? A lot of people think they’re not good at taking care of them, or they don’t have enough natural light to make a plant thrive. But there are shade-loving, easy-care varieties for every living space!

Types of ivy, snake plants, palms, and even moss don’t require very much from you. Just be realistic with what you can handle and do a little research based on the constraints of your skill and space. Remember - house plants DO have health benefits!

Add More Natural Foods

Of course, you’ll never feel one with nature while eating packaged snack cakes and frozen chicken nuggets. Right now, we may be stress eating our feelings. Junk food gives us a false sense of security and comfort. But these effects are short-lived, and we know that junk ultimately does more psychological (and physical!) harm than good.

Come back to nature with unprocessed foods. Leafy greens, raw nuts, and vibrant fruits provide the type of nutrition that supports a better mood and overall balance. The effects just aren’t immediate, so try new foods and recipes until you find a whole-foods diet you can stick to.

Binge Watch Nature

What are you feeding your brain? If you’ve been binge-watching sitcoms, true-crime docuseries, or old movies, you could use a break. Start watching more nature shows and series. If the narration is distracting, mute it, and play your own nature soundtrack in the background.

Do you go stir crazy without nature, or can you find ways to feel at ease within the confines of your home? How do you find peace in an area known for noise and concrete? Help someone else and share your ideas in the comments below.


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