3 Ways to Manifest More of What You Want In Life

3 Ways to Manifest More of What You Want In Life

What does it mean to manifest? When we manifest, we’re simply extending an invitation. We’re opening a door and inviting what we want to come into our lives.


Yet effective manifestation isn’t just thinking of something we’d like - such as more money or a new relationship - and considering it done. Here are three steps we can take to make it happen.


Be honest, and decide what you want.


The very first step is getting clear on what you want. This can be more difficult than it seems, because we sometimes discover that what we want isn’t actually what we want. For instance, you might frantically be on the search for a “soulmate”. You eventually realize this is only a priority because your parents and peers are pressuring you about settling down.


Other times, we are afraid to admit what we want, because it seems impossible. But with manifestation, no dream is too big. We’re never even really sure exactly how it will manifest, or to what degree. It’s all a surprise! So go ahead and admit what your biggest, most over-the-top desire is.


Feel it, see it, believe it.


Now comes the fun part. Once you’ve chosen what you want to manifest, you must imagine having it. We can talk about what we want, but nothing beats feeling it. Get creative, and imagine you already have it. Write about how happy you are to have it. Feel the joy you associate with acquiring your greatest desire.


Of course, we believe a singing bowl meditation is in order here. Closing your eyes and listening to a singing bowl is a faster way to access a dreamlike state. In these states, it’s easier for us to not only visualize, but to feel as though we are experiencing what we’re focused on. 


Watch carefully, recognize often.


Having identified and visualized our greatest desire, we now enter an active waiting period. Be on the lookout for any sign that your dreams are beginning to come true. Just for example, maybe you want to be a singer. While walking down the street, you see an audition notice for a band that needs a new lead singer. You walk down this street every day, but on this day, you picked up on something small that could serve your biggest goal.


While you’re doing this, you can also consciously take action on your desires. If you want more money, apply for that higher-paid position at work. You may have previously believed it was beyond your grasp, but visualizing and imagining yourself in that place has made it seem more feasible. Do your best to be grateful for every opportunity and sign that appears to be associated with the intention you’ve set forth. Acknowledge that your attention has made an impact.


In the end, it truly does come down to the intention and the attention. If we attain clarity on what it is we want, allow ourselves to feel it, and keep looking for it in the present moment, we’re much closer to really having it.


What are you hoping to manifest? Are there any steps toward manifesting here that seem particularly difficult to you? Share in the comments below.

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