YouTube Yoga: Free Yoga Channels You Need to Check Out

YouTube Yoga: Free Yoga Channels You Need to Check Out

Learning yoga in person from an instructor is a sure way to remain safe and receive the best possible foundation for your yoga practice. But from there, you shouldn’t feel confined to a studio. You can save money and fit yoga anywhere in your schedule when you find a qualified, talented instructor online.


Silent Mind is all about making the tools for self-development practices like yoga and meditation easy to find. It’s why we offer top-quality singing bowls at an affordable price worldwide. They pair up perfectly with the completely free yoga videos on YouTube! Here are five amazing channels yogis of all styles and levels can enjoy.


Ali Kamenova Interval Yoga: Ali does have a great beginner series on her channel, but this is a more suitable pick for intermediate to advanced yogis who love all types of fitness. There’s plenty of straightforward vinyasa and hatha melded with whip-you-into-shape HIIT intervals. It’s also worth checking out her many videos on topics like diet, healing, and spirituality.


Yoga with Kassandra: Kassandra Reinhart probably provides more quality yin yoga content on YouTube than any other channel available. If you’re looking for deep relaxation, great atmosphere, and increased mobility, this is the instructor for you. Kassandra also has some faster-paced vinyasa flows, as well as flows with minimal cues for instructors who want to enjoy their own home practice without too much talking.


Yoga with Adriene: If you’ve ever practiced yoga on YouTube, you’ve likely come across Adriene. Bubbly, lighthearted instruction accompanies a diverse array of sequences for all levels. Furthermore, Adriene has built a huge catalog of sequences for every mood and purpose. Popular picks include yoga for back pain, bedtime, anxiety, or when you’re just in a bad mood.


Heart Alchemy Yoga with Michelle Goldstein: If you love longer, more intense sequences, Michelle Goldstein has the expertise to help you expand your practice. Fans of Ashtanga yoga will appreciate her style. Among her best offerings are the detox flows, which can make you feel like a totally different person in under an hour. If you’re feeling stuck in certain poses, her instruction is a breath of fresh air, offering new ways to approach every asana.


Sarah Beth Yoga: Want to get your yoga done quickly? Sarah Beth’s videos typically come in around 20 minutes or less. It’s a good choice for advanced beginners who are building core strength and looking forward to levelling up in the future. Like others featured here, the production quality is fantastic, with clear audio and concise instruction. You can also get guidance on routines aimed at improving your posture and supporting digestive health.


We’ll still hit the studio on a semi-regular basis, but in between, these channels are a great way to keep up with a regular practice. With such easy access, you may even find yourself practicing daily.


We’d love to hear about any yoga channels you rely on for at-home yoga. What is it about that channel or instructor that makes it your favorite? Leave a comment below so we can check it out!

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