The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for Mindful Moms

A mother bakes cookies in the kitchen as her adult daughter watches with her arms around Mom's shoulders.

Mother’s Day in the United States takes place on Sunday, May 10th. But regardless of the occasion, we could all use a handy gift guide for our next online shopping spree. Here’s a list of mindful gifts that can be purchased (and enjoyed) from the comfort of your home.

Yin Yoga Equipment

Yin is one of the most relaxing styles of yoga available. The trick is, going deep into a yin yoga practice usually requires props. Cork blocks, straps, bolsters, and even a cozy new blanket can inspire Mom to take her yin to the next level.

Yin yoga is excellent for joint health and mobility as we age. Anyone concerned about preserving their flexibility and balance through the years should start now. Plus, using props helps protect us from injury, so we can keep our practice consistent.


Instead of a bouquet, get Mom some seeds, bulbs, or ready-to-plant flowers online. Many of us are fortunate enough to be able to garden during quarantine, and even more of us could use the joy that living plants bring.

Gardening is the perfect mindful hobby to take on right now, if possible. It grounds us, reminds us that fresh new life is on the horizon, and depending on how much you do, it can really help keep you in shape.


The Bronze Mantra Singing Bowl

The Bronze Mantra singing bowl from Silent Mind is a longtime bestseller for several good reasons. First, the finish and design are exceptional. It’s a bowl that’s perfect for players of all experience levels. The sound, however, is what really sets it apart. The tone this bowl is known for is particularly calming and gorgeous. As one customer says:

“The tone is so beautiful and calming. I played it at a family gathering and everyone asked me to do so repeatedly because the entire essence of the room changed. We have a few singers who sang along both on tone and also by harmonizing. It was a wonderful experience!”


Tingsha Bells

Not sure if Mom needs yet another singing bowl? Well, you can still help her build her sound healing collection with a set of Tingsha bells. These compact cymbals are made by Silent Mind in Nepal using a high-quality bronze alloy.

Using Tingsha bells is easy. You can either hold them by their cord and let the sides of the cymbals clink together like wind chimes, or use them as you would larger, traditional cymbals. Like singing bowls, Tingsha bells have been used for thousands of years as a ceremonial way to mark endings and beginnings, as well as ward off negative energy.

Finally, in place of a greeting card, make your mom a list of reasons why you’re grateful for her. The entire purpose of the day is to express gratitude and honor the people who have nurtured, sheltered, and cared for you.

Do you have any great Mother’s Day gift ideas? How has quarantine impacted your shopping habits? If you’re a mom or mother figure, what kind of gift would you like? Share it with us in the comments!


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