Empowerment Through Singing Bowls

Empowerment Through Singing Bowls

In your day-to-day life, do you feel empowered?

It must be said that many aspects of modern life don’t make the average citizen feel empowered. But that in itself tells us the big secret to ultimate empowerment - you have to claim it for yourself. It is rarely just handed to us. 

However, others can hand you tools that empower. That’s precisely what Silent Mind singing bowls are; a tool that supports you on the path to freedom from worry, stress, and helplessness. A tool that empowers you to change the course of your life. 


What Is Empowerment?

As always, we have to know what we’re working toward. Here are some key “symptoms” of empowerment.


You do not feel small or insignificant. 

You rightfully view yourself as an active participant and decision-maker in your life. You do have influence over your circumstances, feelings, and future. You understand that your thoughts and actions matter in everything you do. 


You look for answers.

Everyone has problems. Some cave to negativity and assume they are destined for bad things. Empowered people accept problems and start testing solutions. The wisdom they get out of it only strengthens their sense of empowerment.


You do not wait for permission.

Are you looking for a “sign” that the change you want is on the way? Do you feel you need your friends, family, and peers to approve or validate your desires? Empowered people understand that relationships are important, but they do not need approval or feedback from others to make things happen for them.


You have hope.

Everyone gets kicked down from time to time. We all have days when we’re just tired of trying. But living in your power means you know a better day will be here soon.


How Singing Bowls Empower You

Empowerment is a journey and your ability to feel empowered will fluctuate along the way. Your singing bowl is there to remind you to keep at it. Here are some ways you can begin seeing your singing bowl as a supporter of your personal power. 


Singing bowls cut through the noise.

The neverending stream of thoughts and chatter in our minds can hold us hostage and pollute our moods. When you play your singing bowl, you are changing the station. 

You are sending a vibrant, resonant message that soothes your vagus nerve and lets every cell of your being know that now is not the time for a negative thought-spiral. 


You have the power to make beautiful music.

The beauty of singing bowls is that anyone can learn to play. You don’t need to read music, pay for years of lessons, or have a natural knack for musical instruments. The confidence you get from creating gorgeous, relaxing tones all on your own is very empowering.


Singing bowls help you ground and connect.

The well-known benefits of singing bowls bring you physically, mentally into a state that supports empowerment. Disempowerment makes you feel lonely, disconnected, and aimless. Mindfulness and meditation practices that include singing bowls bring you back to the truth - we all have a choice. 


What makes you feel empowered? Share in the comments!


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