What Is Aura Cleansing? An Introduction to Auras

What Is Aura Cleansing? An Introduction to Auras

Singing bowls have many tangible, practical uses that we like to focus on. Still, many use singing bowls to work with less-tangible energy sources, like chakras and auras. Today, we take a look at aura cleansing. What is an aura, and why and how would it need cleansing?

What Is an Aura?

Many are familiar with the classic, seven-point chakra system. Silent Mind even developed a set of meditation tracks for chakra cleansing and balancing.

The chakras are energy vortices located inside of the body. Auras are energy too, but it surrounds the body. Many describe it as a net encasing your entire physical being, emanating, collecting, and exchanging energies inside and outside of the body.

If that sounds a little too out there for you, instead consider your personal network of electromagnetic fields. Whether it manifests as real pain, a gut feeling, or a certain vibe, we experience all types of things as a result of communications and reactions we can’t see.

What Color Is Your Aura?

However, some people report that they CAN see auras, and like chakras, they come in a range of colors. This can reportedly be seen via certain types of photography. Even non-believers are curious to know what color their aura is.

The truth is, your aura probably isn’t one uniform color. The aura is said to be comprised of layers, and layers may represent the energy you’ve picked up, as well as different colors indicating your physical, emotional, and mental states.

But generally speaking, these are what different aura colors mean, in both positive and negative terms:

  • Blue - Loyalty, truth, frostiness, or guarded nature
  • Green - Healing, nurturing, jealousy
  • Yellow - Creative, sunny disposition, unpredictable
  • Orange - Confidence, joy, laziness
  • Red - Strength, willfulness, anger
  • Purple - Ambitious, indulgent, moody
  • White or Indigo - Pure, spiritually ascended, naïve or foolish

With research, you can find many different color combinations and meanings. Auras are a topic with a lot of differing opinions and schools of thought, some rooted in very old beliefs and traditions.

But no matter what you learn or think about auras, the very idea of an energy net makes it easy to see why it might need cleansing.


Aura Cleansing: How To Do It

Fortunately, aura cleansing isn’t a more complicated subject than most other types of energy cleansing. Many of the same methods you use to cleanse negative energy from your home or clear the chakras to work on the aura just as well. 

Some ways to cleanse your aura:

  • A singing bowl sound bath - Read all about it right here.
  • An actual bath - Add essential oils, herbs, or even crystals.
  • Meditation - Visualize your aura in meditation and imagine it shifting colors and clarity.
  • Chanting - Recite affirmations or personal mantras until you feel your energy shifting.
  • Breathwork - Use one of many classic pranayama techniques or simple, slow breaths.

IMPORTANT TIP: Once you feel your aura has been cleansed, maintenance is key to preventing negative buildup. Negative energy clinging to your aura can make you tired, distracted, or irritable.

Regular sessions with your singing bowl played close to or upon your body can help keep your energy field tidy. As you play, visualize the resonance of the sound shifting or making waves in your aura.

Your turn - what do you think about auras? Can you see them? What color do you think yours is today? Let us know in the comments!


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