New from Silent Mind: Mindful Intentions Sound Therapy Tracks

New from Silent Mind: Mindful Intentions Sound Therapy Tracks

Silent Mind loves coming up with more purposes for singing bowls, and occasions to play them. That’s a huge reason we’ve made them the perfect size. They can go wherever peace and harmony are needed.

Yet it must be acknowledged that no, it isn’t always a good time to play the singing bowl, and we’re not just talking about driving. You probably don’t want to play the singing bowl when:


  • Riding public transportation. I mean, we’re sure it would be beneficial, but not everyone would appreciate it.
  • In the midst of a yoga or meditation practice. We use singing bowls at the end and beginning all of the time, but we are otherwise occupied in between.
  • In the middle of the night. When you wake up and desperately want to go back to sleep, playing an instrument is hardly an activity you want to go for.

However, these are all instances where singing bowl sound therapy can really help. Commutes are stressful, healing practices are improved with singing bowl sounds, and you want to be lulled back to sleep.

For all of the times when your bowl and striker are a hindrance more than a help, Silent Mind has begun rolling out a soothing, satisfying series of sound healing meditation tracks.

Chakra Meditations

The centerpiece of our first sound healing audio collection would be the chakra sessions. Each of the seven chakras is addressed with the appropriate frequency to create an immersive experience. We feel that meditators of all levels will appreciate how complex, entrancing, and at times, totally relaxing these specific tracks are. At the end of your short session, check-in with your body and mind, and note what has shifted.

Also, these meditations are suitable for those who don’t know much about chakras. In fact, you don’t have to have any interest in the concept of chakras to benefit. You can enjoy them simply as ambient tracks that go from daily background music to evening meditation.

Bonus Meditations

The sound of a singing bowl is a great complement to soothing human voices, as well as nature sounds. Our additional tracks from this premier release include a stunning vocal-assisted meditation, and a forest-themed sound therapy session.

You might find yourself turning in to your favorite track while doing everyday activities, like working at your desk or making dinner. We recommend arranging the tracks on your custom playlist for seamless sequencing that helps you work, move, study, and sleep better.

Start Sound Healing Today

We at Silent Mind love giving our customers exclusives, whether it be first dibs on a new product or a heads up on a huge sale. But we are also committed to accessibility. To that end, everyone can enjoy the Mindful Intentions Sound Healing Notes collection on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon today.

Take a listen and let us know what you think. Which track is your favorite, and why? Do you already enjoy singing bowl tracks? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to check back in soon.


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