Create Deeper Connections With A Singing Bowl

In this busy, stressful world, meditation brings peace and focus.

Teaching meditation to children Helps them learn emotional regulation and strengthens resilience.

the use of a singing bowl during meditation signals to the brain that it is time to focus.

During this focus parents create deeper connections with their children teaching them valuable skills.



Reduce anxiety.

Improve focus and clarity.

Bring a state of calm.

Create an interest in meditation.

Become more aware of their internal state.

Foster deeper connections.

Parents: Participate in Guided Meditation With Your Children

When the stresses of everyday life creep in, parents can get so bogged down in schedules that the relationship with their children can seem distanced and disconnected.

Busy parents can strengthen those connections by regularly guiding their children through bedtime meditation with a singing bowl.

Your child can create any magical scenario they want. Ask them, “Imagine the perfect day. Tell me what would happen,” or “If there were no limits to what you could do, be, or have, what would that look like? ”Then, write down their story. At bedtime, have your child close their eyes while you read the story.This exercise teaches the brain how to manifest what they want in their life. This guided visualization is powerful for a child because it evokes feelings of elation and joy from the inside.

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 '' I’ve been wanting a singing bowl since my first sound bath vibrational session which made me feel extremely relaxed, so my friend got me this Tibetan singing bowl as a gift and  I’m absolutely love it, this little bowl makes a nice and big sound which relaxes me a lot. ''

- Carolina H.


 ''I bought this singing bowl as an gift for my wife during her yoga and meditation practice. So long and crisp in fact that I have recorded the sound onto my phone as a ringtone.I highly recommend this singing bowl to anyone who is deciding to buy one to enhance their meditation.''

- Mike R.


 ''Silent mind is a family run business that really care for its customers. They sent this beautiful singing bowl with clear instructions and a sweet email. I am practicing every day to achieve the best sound. It is lovely and playing it is so relaxing. The vibration when the bowl tunes into its frequency is phenomenal, I love it! I recommend it to everyone, the sound power of this bowl is a miracle to explore.''

-Alexa D.


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Create  Deeper Connections With a  Singing Bowl