How to Use a Singing Bowl for Cleansing

A Silent Mind singing bowl sits atop a black and gold cushion as a woman balances the striker on top, surrounded by candles.

Silent Mind has shared many ways to cleanse negative energy from your home, as well as info on sound therapy. Today, we’re focusing strictly on singing bowls for cleansing; how to use them, when to use them, and why it works. 

How are singing bowls cleansing?

The vibration of a singing bowl has real effects on everything around it. For everyday personal use, singing bowls are helpful for nervous system activity. As we share in our piece “Why Singing Bowls?”:


“Inducing the body’s relaxation response allows us to go into a natural healing mode.  Often called “rest and digest”, it comes into play when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated...Vibrations from the Tibetan singing bowl are used to stimulate specific brain wave states that initiate the relaxation response. The specific states these frequencies induce are known to bring peace and harmony to the mind and body. “


So you see, the main purpose of singing bowls is to gently shift things from one state to another. When there are unwanted energies about, moving or replacing them with the resonant sound of a singing bowl is a way of “cleansing” what we feel, but cannot necessarily see.


How do I know if I need to cleanse energy with a singing bowl?

Any time you want to reset energies, play a singing bowl. Here are some common situations where one might conduct their own singing bowl cleansing ritual:


  • After cleaning a room
  • After moving or rearranging furniture
  • Following an illness
  • To help manifest good fortune or positive new beginnings
  • When there are feelings of stagnation or corners of a room go unused
  • If you are prone to bad moods or are not sleeping well
  • If you are about to start an important new project
  • After a fight, or if there have been too many disagreements in a space
  • Before beginning meditation or yoga practice


You might find that you’ve been cleansing energy with a singing bowl all along, you just weren’t using it as much as you needed to. 

Using a Singing Bowl for Cleansing: Tips

You don’t have to be an experienced practitioner to start shifting energy with a singing bowl. Here are some basic tips to help get you going today.


  1. Make sure you’re right where you need to be. For example, if you’re trying to clear out a stale, stagnant space, put yourself right in the middle. If you want to clear the decks to begin a new project, do so in the area where you’ll be working on that project. 
  2.  Set the intention. Before you begin playing, identify your purpose. Do your best to imagine or lean into the energies you want to shift. For instance, if you’re starting a yoga practice, acknowledge your restlessness or inflexibility or anything else you’re addressing, and identify your intent to bring patience and openness into your practice. 
  3.  Strike the bowl to begin. Tap the rim firmly once and let it finish its opening chime before striking once more and rubbing the rim to make the bowl sing. The longer you can draw the mallet along the rim, the longer the hum will remain after you pull the mallet away. Let the sound fade away completely before starting over. 
  4.  Repeat as necessary. If you’re clearing a large room or a whole house, repeat the intention, chime, sing, and fade process as needed. One of the perks of using our bestselling, top-rated singing bowls is that they are the perfect size for cleaning tight spaces or multiple areas - they sit comfortably right on top of your palm and go from room to room like nothing.


Have you ever used a singing bowl for cleansing a home, office, classroom, or studio? What effects did you notice? Let us know in the comments!


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