All About the Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra in Blue Color (optical illusion)

This week, we make our way to a very important chakra, one that helps you take all of the inner work you do and spread the wealth. Today, we’re talking all about the throat chakra. 

If you missed our last chakra breakdown, All About the Crown Chakra, it’s still there. But as always, it’s okay to focus only on the chakra that most concerns you right now. 

Now let’s speak our truth with the throat chakra.


An Introduction to the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is located smack-dab in the middle of the throat. It’s as prevalent at the back of your neck as it is at the front of your throat, so picture its clear, placid blue light casting a glow from the center out of both sides.


The throat chakra’s Sanskrit name is vishuddha and its sound is HAM (pronounced more like HAHM or HOMM, not the pork product). 


The throat chakra is represented by a blue lotus flower with 16 petals. Traditionally, the petals will each bear a letter from the Sanskrit alphabet. This lines up beautifully, as the throat chakra focuses on communication. 


Is my throat chakra blocked?

The following are good reasons to work with the throat chakra.


  1. You deal with social anxiety and often feel you don’t know what to say.
  2. You speak without thinking; it’s as though the words are automatic and you cannot control them.
  3. You often feel as though you’re not explaining or expressing yourself accurately.
  4. You model your spoken input, decisions, and opinions after others. 
  5. You exaggerate or tell lies, even harmless, needless ones, without knowing exactly why.


How can I strengthen my throat chakra?

If you’d like to balance or clear up your throat chakra, consider these practices. Perform at least one each day, combining it with chakra visualization.


  1. In yoga, practice breathwork (pranayama) that focuses on the throat, like ujjayi breathing. Also do yoga poses that focus on the thyroid, like fish pose and should stand.
  2. Think of blue energy. Blue lights, blue candles, and of course, blue crystals. Wear azurite, lapis lazuli, and amazonite. 
  3. Give yourself more opportunities to be creative. Find your voice with artistic pursuits, whether that be painting, dancing, making jewelry, or writing a story or song. The throat chakra wants us to become masters of expressing ourselves. 
  4. Meditate on the throat chakra with a singing bowl. Try a chakra set created for the energy vortices, or a blue bowl reminiscent of the chakra itself.


Difficulty expressing yourself manifests in different ways. You may be so eager to share, worried you’ll get lost or ignored, that you don’t slow down and take time with what you want to express. You might be so doubtful of your point of view or self-conscious that you mimic others or stay silent. 


Others simply haven’t given themselves the chance to become great communicators. They have emotions they haven’t processed holding them back or are so busy helping others that their voice gets lost. 


The bottom line is that with time and attention, you can definitely improve this area of your existence. With clear, true, and effective communication, much more of your outer and inner world falls into place. 


Do you have anything to share about the throat chakra? Let us know in the comments.


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