All About the Crown Chakra

Optical Illusion Crown Chakra in purple color

This week, we are reconvening our series on the seven-chakra system with a blog all about the crown chakra. 

If you missed our previous entry on the solar plexus chakra, feel free to catch up on it any time. This series is presented in no particular order. You can pick up chakra info wherever you like in the sequence, and over time, see how it all fits together in relation to your existence - your habits, fears, and strengths. 

Now, let’s learn about the crown chakra, the highest energy vortex in the system.


An Introduction to the Crown Chakra

While the first six chakras are located within, the crown chakra emanates from the top of your head, sitting above the physical body, serving as a connection to All. Its Sanskrit name is Sahasrara


Unlike the other chakras, it does not have a sound or chant associated with it. Rather, the crown chakra demands silence and a willingness to listen.


The crown chakra rules your level of consciousness, spirituality, knowledge, and connection with the universe. 


The crown chakra is represented by a glowing violet lotus with 1,000 opening petals. If you have trouble visualizing a thousand petals while you work on this chakra, it’s okay - just picture as many as you can!


Is my crown chakra blocked?

The symptoms of a blocked or out-of-balance crown chakra expose problems many don’t like to admit they struggle with. Objectively consider the following to see if your crown chakra needs a tune-up.


  1. You don’t feel a connection to much outside of yourself.
  2. You live a life full of the trappings of modern spirituality, but your needs are not met.
  3. You often fear that your choices and way of life are morally incorrect, or you judge others’ way of life as immoral frequently.
  4. You are inflexible, always certain that what you assume or perceive is the only possibility.
  5. You think about yourself almost nonstop. This isn’t just worship of self; it includes feelings of purposelessness and constant self-recrimination.


How can I strengthen my crown chakra?

Here are some suggestions for a stronger, brighter, balanced crown chakra. Dedicate time to each of these, and you can see long-term improvements in your self-esteem and connection to the world.


  1. In yoga, inversions are recommended for the crown chakra, as it brings blood flow to the crown of the head. If headstands aren’t part of your practice, try Rabbit pose.
  2. Make gratitude and acts of service part of your daily life. This is the time to finally begin gratitude journaling and doing for others without looking for returns.
  3. Keep selenite and amethyst nearby to remind you to stay the course of strengthening the crown chakra. You might even find that these crystals help you during meditation, which can be difficult for many with crown chakra blockages.
  4. Find a singing bowl created specifically for the crown chakra. Silent Mind’s is tuned to B; we also offer the crystal chakra singing bowl lineup and a full, seven-bowl metal alloy chakra set.

The crown chakra brings it all together. Working on the six chakras below may improve what’s within more than anything else, but the crown chakra asks us to turn all of that good work outward. With an open, healthy crown chakra, your wisdom and beauty blend seamlessly with the universe.


Share your knowledge of the crown chakra with others in the comments. 


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