Why Buy a Custom Singing Bowl?

Why Buy a Custom Singing Bowl?

Before Silent Mind began offering custom singing bowls, we had to answer a question. With a wide range of ready-made singing bowls to choose from, why buy a custom singing bowl?

Here are some reasons why investing in a custom set is a great idea.


Complete a Collection

If you’re diving deep into the world of sound baths, you have a greater appreciation for a variety of singing bowls. The effortlessly coordinated flow of playing multiple singing bowls in a session, the shimmering brilliance of all the different tones working together - there’s just nothing else quite like it. 

So if you notice a “gap” in your singing bowl lineup, you can get the exact bowl you need to fill it. No hunting, no researching. Simply fill out our order form and tell us precisely what you need.


Sized Just Right

People love the small size of the bestselling Silent Mind singing bowls. They’re easy to travel with and display, and they are known for a higher, very ethereal pitch.

But what about other sizes? A medium-sized bowl has many of the benefits of a smaller bowl, but with a slightly more pronounced vibration. And you must admit, large singing bowls about a foot in diameter or larger have a very impressive resonance.

So if you want a Silent Mind singing bowl that differs in size from our signature range, a custom order is the way to go.

A Most Thoughtful Gift

If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that people love getting Silent Mind singing bowls as gifts. For many recipients, it’s their first singing bowl. Others get them because it is a benefit to them professionally, whether they’re a schoolteacher or yoga instructor.

But there’s something about a bespoke singing bowl that makes a gist extra-special. When you order a custom set, you can choose everything from the design of the bowl and striker to the color of the pillow. It’s easy to treasure something that was made especially for you.


Personal Style

Singing bowls as sound therapy tools is something we all take seriously over here. However, there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing the look of your singing bowl. After all, we always say that a prominently displayed singing bowl is more likely to get used!

When you take advantage of our custom design services, aspects like etching, color, and finish are all within your control. A singing bowl that matches your aesthetic is one you’ll love playing for years to come.


About Silent Mind Custom Singing Bowls

The family of Silent Mind singing bowl artisans in Nepal look forward to making customers one-of-a-kind sound healing instruments using local, ethically-sourced materials.

Learn more on our custom singing bowl page and get the conversation started! We love hearing from you and talking all things singing bowls.

If you were to order a custom singing bowl today, what would it look like? What type of design have you never seen on a singing bowl, but would like to see? Let us know in the comments.


Need help on your next singing bowl purchase.

Take our Interactive Singing Bowl Selector and find the PERFECT bowl for you!


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