Why Are Singing Bowls So Popular?

Why Are Singing Bowls So Popular?

Traditional Tibetan singing bowls began gaining popularity in the West during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Their popularity may have dipped here and there over the next few decades, but today, they’re enjoying what appears to be a steady boom.

This may be due to the rise of sound therapy, an increasingly popular practice where singing bowls are the most prized instrument. It’s also intrinsically linked to the West’s growing commitment to mindfulness. 

But at Silent Mind, one simple truth tells us why singing bowls are here to stay: they work. Here’s why we (and our thousands upon thousands of global customers) will always hold our singing bowls close. 


An All-Purpose Instrument

We may have our favorite uses for singing bowls, but there’s no limit to what they can do. They’re useful not only in sound therapy and sound baths, but meditation, music, yoga, spiritual ceremonies, feng shui and energy clearing, teaching, group activities, and much more. 


Sound That Strikes To the Core

The resonance of a high-quality singing bowl is unmatched. Some singing bowls even emit a frequency that reminds us of the human voice. Whether sitting on your chest during sound therapy or balanced in the palm of your hand, the vibrations can trigger a powerful shift inside of us. 


A Stress less Activity

Feeling stressed? If you’re not looking to get your heart racing any faster, going for a run is off the table. Watching television is uninspiring. And other things we do to unwind might just take too much mental energy and attention. But a singing bowl session never asks too much of us and always leaves us feeling more centered. 


Empowering Us to Improve

How much power do you have over the way you feel each day? It may be more than you think. When things we can’t control threaten to drag us down, we turn to our singing bowl. Experiencing a singing bowl is one way to get more grounded and dictate how our next five, ten, or fifteen minutes will go. It helps put everyday wellness back in our hands. 


Daily Natural Healing

Feeling better is a process. We show up every day to chip away at negativity and stress. Then we keep going to maintain our mindset. You don’t need expensive supplements or fancy retreats to take care of yourself. Reducing stress with singing bowls daily is a 100% natural way to live a longer life with a reduced chance of illness or disease. 


The Results Keep Coming

Over time, the effects of your singing bowl will only show themselves more. Your body and mind will find it easier to shift into relaxation. Teach your nervous system a lesson so it can quickly recall how to reduce stress and ease into that more-desirable “rest and digest” state of being. 


Finally, singing bowls are popular because they’re easy to find and easy to use. It gets even easier when you throw in Silent Mind’s Relax-Or-Your-Money-Back guarantee. Zero risks, major rewards. 


How many people do you know that love singing bowls? Have you shared the power of singing bowls with anyone in your life lately? Let us know in the comments. 


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