Powerful Ways to Simplify Your Life

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Daily routines, to-do lists, schedules - we consider these essential tools to getting things done. If it doesn’t simplify our lives, it at least makes it all seem more do-able. Right? The trouble is, penciling a bunch of stuff into a particular block of time doesn’t mean we’ll be less stressed, necessarily. 

A simpler life already exists. It’s just about peeling back the stuff that complicates it. 


Eliminate the backseat driver.

How many people in your life are playing the backseat driver? You’re behind the wheel with a destination in mind. You’re pretty sure how to get there, but your passengers are complaining about your speed, recommending shortcuts, and insisting you take detours.


People don’t always intend to be the backseat driver, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen to it. Root out how much of your life is dictated by what others expect of or want from you. You’ll find that meeting your needs daily becomes much simpler.


Buck tradition. 

Of course, one of your backseat drivers could be another part of you - the part that’s been conditioned to participate in things that don’t truly align with the simpler, freer life you want. 


Hosting holiday gatherings that stress you out, staying in touch with people you barely know anymore, making payments on a new car when you prefer public transportation - these are all examples of the little things that can litter our lives with frustration we don’t need. Question why it is you think you’re “supposed” to do what it is you do.


Streamline your digital life.

Any excess mental noise can tangle your brain, and the internet is full of that. If you are one of the millions of people who rely on their smartphone for organization, communication, socializing, and entertainment, do not underrate how much this affects your mood and productivity.


Deactivate platforms that make you feel bad or aren’t often used. Block people who stress you out. Give yourself fewer online choices, and see how it changes the way you perceive your life. 


Use your “crazy”.

The most powerful tool you own that can optimize your life is your intelligence. However, that intellect can also trap you in your thoughts or misdirect you toward things that aren’t worth your time. 


Instead of viewing this as a negative or believing it is an indicator of error or brokenness, use it. Turn your intelligence outward. Take your tendency to ruminate or make things complicated, and put it somewhere it matters. That’s what your mind is actually trying to do anyway. 


Instead of getting hung up in a messy spiral of thoughts, make art from them. Instead of trying to organize your thoughts, organize your closet. When you take what’s inside and put it right in front of yourself, it’s often easier to process. 


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Have any tips for making daily life easier to navigate? Share them with others in the comments. 


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