How to Use Your Singing Bowl Every Day

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At Silent Mind, there’s always a singing bowl playing, whether we’re testing out a new design or taking a wellness break. Still, we realize that for some of our customers, using a singing bowl regularly is a new concept.  

If you want to know how to use a singing bowl, check out the free User’s Guide that comes with your Silent Mind singing bowl set. Once you’re getting the hang of it, learn how to use your singing bowl every day!


Singing Bowls for Meditation

Many new friends come to us looking to deepen their meditation practice. Like us, they’ve been captivated by the research asserting that meditation is an effective way to cope with stress.  

Even if you only meditate for a few minutes daily, open and close your sitting with a few strikes of the bowl. If you have trouble quieting the mind, try a sound meditation instead.

Begin as you normally would in terms of posture and setting, but play your singing bowl throughout the sitting. Whether you’re striking or playing around the rim, focus on the sound and vibration, especially as it ebbs and flows under your direction.

Silent Mind wrote a whole book on meditation and singing bowls - as of last year, it comes with your purchase, so let us know if you’ve recently bought a bowl and need help getting your free eBooks. 


Singing Bowls for Sleep (and Other Transitions)

Historically, singing bowls have been used to mark a transition in a ritual or practice. Today, we hear from grateful teachers all over the world who use our singing bowls in their classrooms to accomplish something quite similar.

Singing bowls are ideal for gently guiding anyone into a different activity or state of mind. You may not be a teacher, but you can use singing bowls every evening to mindfully transition your children into bedtime mode.   

Yes, it works for adults, too. Sleep is our body’s time to rest and heal. There’s no better way to send your body the message that it’s time to settle in than with the sound of a singing bowl.  



Singing Bowls for Yoga

Many people first encounter singing bowls in yoga studios or by following yoga instructors online. If you have a regular yoga practice, you already know how to use your singing bowl every day.

Use a singing bowl to mark the beginning and end of your yoga practice. You can strike the bowl to ceremonially mark the practice, or play it a little longer if you pair meditation and yoga together in the same session. 

We have to say, there’s nothing quite like coming out of a lengthy, restorative savasana to the sound of a singing bowl. If you want to know more about yoga and singing bowls (for everyday people and instructors), we created TWO books on it that, again, come complimentary as a bonus with your singing bowl.

Singing Bowls for Inspiration

Getting stuck or feeling at a loss for what to do are common human experiences. Often, all we need is to take a step back and clear the mind. In these moments, the best course of action can present itself.

Singing bowls are an excellent way to get focused. The sound and vibration cancel out more chaotic frequencies that can cloud our judgment.

Additionally, playing a singing bowl can be personally gratifying. If you’ve never played an instrument before, the singing bowl might be your first foray in creating beautiful music. This can inspire more creativity in other areas of your life.

Singing Bowls for Feng Shui

By getting a singing bowl, you’ve already done a great deal to increase balance and harmony at home. Our environment has a huge impact on our moods and habits, which is why thousands of people practice feng shui.

Feng shui teaches us how to arrange and adorn our spaces in accordance with what we desire. To properly feng shui your space, you must encourage the flow of beneficial energy. This helps clear out any old or negative energies which don’t align with what we’re cultivating.

Many feng shui practitioners use singing bowls to help achieve this. Whether you’re admiring it atop its cushion or playing it for all to hear, you’re clearing your space for more of what you want. And unlike burning sage, it’s not a fire hazard!



Singing Bowls for Space Cleansing

We recently shared some info on how to use a singing bowl for cleansing - feel free to review that. This is a great option if you don’t want to feng shui a whole room or house, but could use an energy shift.

Cleansing negative energy with a singing bowl is as simple as setting your intention, putting yourself right in the area that needs cleansing, and playing your bowl. Keep your mind focused on achieving the task. If need be, do so while visualizing dusty, murky clouds being blown away and dissipated by a fluid and powerful bright light emanating from your singing bowl. 

Those are just a few ways we use our singing bowls every day. If you have any creative ways you work your singing bowl into daily life, be sure to share them with us in the comments!


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