How to Meditate with Your Singing Bowl (A Refresher Course)

A woman sits in lotus position holding a singing bowl, with candles and tingsha bells laid out nearby.

Is your singing bowl gathering dust? If so, it’s time for a cleaning.From there, put it to good use during daily meditation sessions. Even if you’re pretty experienced, focusing on how to meditate with your singing bowl is a great way to deepen the practice.


Why meditate with a singing bowl?

Aside from deepening your meditation practice, singing bowls may also actually be a way to save time. If you are getting extremely busy or losing interest in your usual meditation, it’s best you use a helpful tool like singing bowls rather than just skipping the practice. 


It takes time for many of us to access a meditative state, usually the theta state. To get there, we have to drop our defenses and accept our thoughts and feelings. Therefore, it’s understandable that people going through challenging times would get frustrated and become dissatisfied with their meditation practice. 


But sound therapy with singing bowls can act as a sort of shortcut to these meditative brain states. That is, it’s easier to get “there” when you’re assisted by sound. Add in the intentional, deeply healing resonance of singing bowls, and every meditation becomes less of a struggle.


How to Meditate with a Singing Bowl 

You can use a singing bowl as a way to begin and end your meditation, or you can perform your entire practice with the singing bowl, making it the focal point that holds your attention. 


Silent Mind’s bestsellers are great for this because they are the perfect size to hold in your hand as you play. It’s always a plus to have the bowl making contact with your body so you can get the benefits of the physical vibration.


Of course, it’s best to balance the bowl on top of its cushion in your palm. Don’t worry; the cushion doesn’t completely keep the vibration from reaching your body. Not only will the cushion make it easier to balance, but it helps keep your fingers off the sides of the bowl, which will dampen the sound and vibration.


When we meditate, we are enjoying the empty space between thoughts. When we meditate with a singing bowl, our “space” is the residual resonance after we pull the striker from the bowl. After striking or playing the rim, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the lingering sound as it tapers off. Inhale deeply, and repeat.


Choosing a Singing Bowl for Meditation

The smaller bowls are excellent for a personal, everyday meditation practice, but you can easily work other options in effectively. Our healing bowls are a bit larger and very good for those who enjoy a ceremonial practice, play during group meditations, or are serious about sound baths.


If chakra work is your focus, the quartz crystal singing bowl collection is for you. Each is tuned to address a particular chakra in the seven-chakra system, so it’s perfect for those who want targeted healing through meditation. 


How often do you meditate? How important is your singing bowl to your meditation practice? Share your thoughts in the comments below this post. 

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