Going Inward: Why Staying at Home Wins

A woman sits on her couch at home playing with a fluffy white dog as a candle burns on the coffee table.

Are you an introvert, or an extrovert? Many of us are proud to pick one. However, the truth is that we all have some of both insides of us. Think carefully – are you 100% extrovert, or more like 70% extrovert, 30% introvert? Ultimately, we’re a social species that benefits from some alone time, no matter how much we identify with one or the other.

What do we do with alone time? What do we get out of staying home? Here are a few great reasons to get into a homebody state of mind.

You save money.

Even if we don’t mean to, going out means money just slips through our fingers. Gas, coffee, entertainment, food, picking up a “few things” on the way home – the outside world is crammed with spending opportunities.

When we stay in, we’ll spend less. Online shopping might be a big draw, but at least we can thoroughly research our purchases first. We’re also big fans of adding everything we ever dreamed of to our virtual carts and just closing the browser without buying.

You’re less influenced by others.

You might not always realize it, but we mimic many of the people we regularly meet in the outside world. The coworker who insists on pizza when we want a salad, the friend who convinces us to come to happy hour three times a week.

Without these influences, we can live a healthier lifestyle we’ve been aiming for. No one can talk us out of a smoothie or a full one-hour vinyasa except ourselves.

Recharge the batteries.

Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t have the urge to hole up and spend time alone. Now’s a good time to ask yourself why. Everyone can benefit from spending time by themselves. You can relax, drop any masks or conventions you have to wear for the outside world, and just generally learn more about yourself.

When you reemerge, you can do so a more self-assured, confident person prepared to live their truth. And when you spend enough time inside, you gain a new appreciation for the outside.

It’s better for the planet.

Whether we’re driving, riding public transportation, or visiting a business, we’re increasing our carbon footprint. This is doubly true if we’re buying and consuming during our travels. It’s unreasonable to think we’ll never go anywhere or buy anything, but it genuinely does a tiny bit of good for our environment every time we choose not to.

Finally, it must be said that staying home makes it easy to play your singing bowl more often. Staying home is sometimes good for healing, whether it’s for the planet or ourselves. Honor this moment by treating yourself to simple, effective sound therapy. Care for yourself, your nervous system, and enjoy beautiful music at the same time. Your singing bowl was designed and crafted to be a companion, a method of support that’s there for you no matter what.

Do you have trouble spending time at home? What type of solo activities do you most enjoy? Let us know in the comments!


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