Does Size Matter? How Small, Medium, and Large Singing Bowls Differ

Does Size Matter? How Small, Medium, and Large Singing Bowls Differ

If you’ve just recently delved into the world of singing bowls, you’ll notice two things. The first is that there are a very wide range of singing bowls on the market. It’s almost as though no two singing bowls can be truly alike.

The second is that many people love to collect singing bowls. Rather than stop at single bowl, they have bowls of all sizes and origins, and may play each one differently.

Why own a range of bowls? Why select a singing bowl of a particular size? As you’ll find, there are some differences, but perhaps not what you’d expect.

Small Bowls

Despite the fact that sound can vary from singing bowl to singing bowl, smaller bowls aren’t necessarily inferior in volume and tone. They do tend to have a higher pitch, but so are larger bowls of a certain thickness.  

Small singing bowls typically do not exceed six inches, and its ability to travel is a big draw. A small, light singing bowl can go practically anywhere that you do. And unlike others, you can play it in the palm of your hand.

As long as you don’t let your fingers grip the sides when playing, they still produce clear, wonderful sounds. In fact, small bowls are more likely to “shimmer” as they sing, which makes them perfect for therapeutic applications.

Medium Bowls

Medium-sized bowls are only up to two inches larger than small bowls. Bowls of this size are common in meditation centers. While smaller bowls often produce that entrancing, ethereal sound, medium bowls sound more akin to the human voice.

Depending on the shape and construction, you can play a medium sized bowl in your hand. However, the vibrations will be stronger, so you must be more careful not to let it drop. Many find that playing the rim at a steady, slow pace prevents thinner bowls from vibrating too much.

If you began playing with a small singing bowl, you’ll appreciate adding a medium one to your collection.

Large Bowls

In the past, large singing bowls were only approximately one foot in diameter. Today, they can be a few feet in size. Therefore, they’re not as portable, but playing and hearing one is still an experience you’ll want to share with others.

Large bowls are a must at gatherings where multiple singing bowls are played at once. The effect is quite grounding, and rather appropriately, they’re often played on the ground. The larger size means a more powerful vibration, which can be felt on the surface the bowl is played on.

While all singing bowls can transform the vibrational energy of a room, a large singing bowl might have more impact.

Having Trouble Choosing?

When it comes to pitch and vibration, thickness is just as important as size. Many collectors find room for all sizes, shapes, and thicknesses in a set. Some are best for striking, some feel wonderful played around the rim, and others work together beautifully to create the perfect sound therapy session.

With so many excellent qualities for each, a lot of people don’t have trouble making a choice. As long as the design is high-quality, a bowl of any size will find its place. Still, the choice is entirely yours. To ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for in a singing bowl, you can design your own today with help from Silent Mind.

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  • what’s the difference between bowls that access different chakras, is that a size thing or thickness? confusing me!

    oli on
  • What do you guys recommend for a beginner user, mainly for meditation and charging crystals!! Thanks

    Sarah on
  • Jessica
    I recommend not using a bowl for your purpose. The children prefer to talk and the experience of the bowl will be associated with non meditative outcomes in their bodies. Use the bowl to help your class enjoy meditation just 5 to ten min per day. Start with just one minute. Build up over time

    For quiet, focus and attention, the best method I have experienced is the method in scouting. Agree on a gesture, such as holding up two fingers for peace. Say nothing. Stand quietly. Just stare at people who are talking. Everyone who is ready to focus holds up their hand and closes their mouth. When everyone has there hand up and the room is silent, you can begin to use regular or soft volume words to lead the class. My den and troop did well with this, even their parents in the back of the room adapted to it

    Jim on
  • Please suggest a singing bowl for me to use in my classroom to get my students attention and refocus them as needed. I need this singing bowl to create sound that will interrupt their talking and get their attention. What do you suggest?
    Jessica on
  • I want to buy singing bowks or playing in big gatherings and the purpose is meditation. I am planning to buy B A G C note bolws. Please let me know what would be an idea size bowls for this.

    Ritu on

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