Do You Waste Too Much Time? Here’s How To Stop.

An hourglass full of blue sand sits tilted in a patch of pebbles.

Wasting time is a very subjective topic. What seems like a waste to someone else may be pretty important to you. When we refer to “wasting time” here, we are talking about not getting enough out of your time. Not accomplishing the things you set out to accomplish. Having a difficult time getting started. Feeling like the day came and went without any real stimulation or progress.

If the days and weeks are slipping through your fingers without any movement or growth, read this. 


Upgrade your multitasking. 

Do you have movies, TV shows, or music playing in the background while you clean, work, drive, do your hair, or scroll through your phone? 


You could easily have something of greater value creating background noise. As you do regular stuff, play an audiobook or informative podcast. Now you are adding growth and development as you do everyday essential tasks. 


Schedule distractions. 

Do you sit down to get real work done, only to find yourself sorting laundry or watching YouTube videos within twenty minutes? Distraction can be procrastination’s evil twin. Instead of caving to this cycle of helplessness and cursing the distraction, welcome it on your terms - block out time for it! 


This hour is your hour to buckle down on work. But wait - the dishwasher just completed its cycle, you have to empty it. Imagine how the impulse to get up and do it might change if you already decided that the dishwasher gets emptied at 4 pm when you blocked out 30 minutes to clean. 


Stop letting other people waste your time for you. 

An endless chain of work emails that involves a lot of talking and responding, but little actual ‘doing’. The social gathering or neighborly favor you aren’t excited about doing. The commitment your kid roped you into. 


If too many of these things are cramping your style, the problem isn’t that you waste time, you let others control your time. And since you ultimately feel that time was wasted, your inner voice is trying to tell you to say NO. 


On the flip side of this, we have strict expectations or incorrect ideas we picked up from other people. Perhaps you had a stern parent who thought drawing pictures was silly and wasteful. Even though you still love art today, that little voice in your head tells you it’s an unproductive misuse of time. In this case, it’s the conditioning that creates waste, not the activity. 


No space wasted. 

Silent Mind wants to be sure you know that relaxation is never a waste of time. Finding or creating moments of stillness and calm is foundational to healing. It is through the time we spend with our singing bowls that we gain the confidence and clarity to get things done. 


Take a load off of your mind and get back to living. Invest ten to twenty minutes in sound therapy, and emerge refreshed, empowered, and a little bit wiser.


What time-wasters have you spotted in your daily life? How do you plan to change that? Share in the comments, and we’ll see you again next week. 


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