Creating a More Mindful Morning Routine

Creating a More Mindful Morning Routine

How long does it take you to get going for the day? Does your alarm trigger a frenzy that doesn’t end until it’s time to clock out ten hours later? Or, do you find yourself barely motivated to move, with a sluggishness that tends to last until lunch?

Whether you’re always in a rush to pack it all in, or just tired and uninspired, a mindful morning routine is the answer. The following tips and ideas can help you beat fatigue and set a mindful intention for making the most of each day.


No Screens

Before deciding what to include in your mindful morning routine, get clear on what you must exclude. Your smartphone should not be part of a mindful morning. It doesn’t matter if your AM phone usage is strictly business; put it off until later.

The lone exception is if you need to use a meditation app. Otherwise, make sure your phone isn’t within reach when you wake up.

Stillness and Movement

Morning workouts and yoga sessions can transform attitudes, boost energy, and lead to an incredible sense of wellbeing that lasts all day - for some people.

If the idea of even a simple stretching routine first thing in the morning sounds like too much, don’t sweat it. Effective mindful morning routines do not have to include physical exercise. Choose meditation or another light, mindful activity instead.

One Activity

The word “routine” sounds like you’re building a schedule before your usual schedule. This is not the case. If you make it a habit to do just ONE intentionally mindful thing when you wake, that’s perfect.

Of course, if you have the will to consistently meditate, do yoga, make a smoothie, and journal each morning, that’s amazing. However, a mindful morning routine can include doing just one thing incredibly well. Like making the perfect cup of tea. Make it a little ceremony, and you’ll be much more satisfied with the tone of your day.


15 Minutes Earlier

In many cases, people can just replace less-mindful morning habits (scrolling through the phone). Other times, we have to create space for a mindful morning by getting up a little earlier. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t want to lose a moment of sleep, consider this. Fifteen minutes of daily meditation can give you the same emotional boost as a vacation. So, don’t worry about feeling less refreshed - if you keep it up, the effects will kick in.

Soothing Sound

Do you dread the sound of your alarm clock? We don’t blame you; it’s the opposite of sound therapy. Wipe the slate clean by playing your singing bowl in the morning. It’s a good time to practice your technique, and if you’re still tired, it’s a bit more active than your typical sitting meditation.


Plan Accordingly

One thing you should absolutely avoid is rushing into your mindful morning routine. Therefore, if there’s anything you need to do to prepare for it, get it done the evening before.

Put your phone in a drawer, roll out your yoga mat, collect your ingredients, put the pen and paper by the bed - whatever you need to get started first thing, have it ready.

Do you swear by a mindful morning routine? Tell us about it in the comments, or share what changes you’d like to make.


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