Can I put water in my singing bowl?

Dried autumn leaves float in singing bowl full of water.

The Silent Mind team regularly gets asked, “Can I put water in my singing bowl?” It’s a good question, and one that gives a whole new meaning to “sound bath”. Here are a few things you should know before using water in your singing bowl.


Why put water in a singing bowl?

There are a few reasons why people put water in their singing bowls. First, many believe the healing vibration of the singing bowl transfers to the water when played. This is called “water charging.” After charging the water by playing the bowl, one might use the water to cleanse themselves, water a plant, or even drink it (we don’t recommend doing so; more on that coming up).


However, you can play with water in your singing bowl just because it looks cool. Intricate patterns may emerge in the water, depending on how you play. 


One common effect is that the water will develop tiny bubbles and begin misting. This is most often done when you play it steadily around the rim - almost like you’re bringing it to a light boil. When you try this, notice the sound. It can add a gentle rainfall effect to the usual thrum and shimmer of a singing bowl, and is excellent for meditations, especially if you’d like to record yourself. 


How do I use water in a singing bowl?

If you want to try playing your singing bowl with water in it, consider two things.


First, the amount of water matters. Use too little water and there will be no visual or auditory effect. Use too much and not only will water splash but it will impact the sound of the bowl. As a general rule, fill the bowl halfway. You may be able to use slightly less or slightly more depending on your unique bowl. 


And of course, always use clean water.


The second point is vital. Do not leave water sitting in your singing bowl, and always dry it thoroughly directly after use. Moisture left on metal alloy singing bowls can cause rust or corrosion. Read more of our expert tips on keeping your Silent Mind singing bowl looking and sounding beautiful for years to come. 


Can I drink the water from my singing bowl?

No. It may sound tempting to imbibe the healing powers of charged waters, but it simply isn’t safe. No matter what another singing bowl maker might suggest, you shouldn’t eat or drink out of vessels that are not intended to hold food or drink. 


While the water may contain great vibes, it’s sitting in an amalgam of metals that are not meant for consumption. 


Can I put water in a crystal singing bowl?

Yes, absolutely, but the same rules apply. Dry your crystal singing bowl promptly after use and do not ingest the water. Crystal bowls might not contain the metals that traditional Tibetan singing bowls do, but the finish and construction still aren’t meant to come in contact with food and drink you consume. 


Do you put water in your singing bowl, and if so, why? Share your experience below!


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