5 Easy Tips for Making Your Own Stress Relief Music with Singing Bowls

5 Easy Tips for Making Your Own Stress Relief Music with Singing Bowls

We love meditating and going to sleep to our favorite sound therapy tracks and other stress relief music. But have you ever wished you could customize it?

Silent Mind singing bowls are all you need to start making your own relaxing, vibration-enhancing music. Even if you’ve never played an instrument before, it can take very little time to perfect. 

Here are five easy tips for making stress relief music with singing bowls.

1. Listen Carefully 

The singing bowl or bowls you use matter most. You don’t have to have a background in music theory to get this right; simply choose the bowl that sounds most soothing to you!

You’ll notice that many Silent Mind singing bowls have a sound sample on their pages. While no two singing bowls are exactly alike, it gives you a better idea of what to expect before you commit. 

Listen to one of our most popular bowls, the Black Bliss.

2. Assume a Relaxed Posture

You shouldn’t have to physically exert yourself to relax. Another great thing about Silent Mind singing bowl sets is our patented double-ended striker. You can hold this with a loose, relaxed grip, so you won’t need to tense any muscle to play. 

Plus, the compact size of many of our bowls means they can go anywhere and are more versatile with respect to your posture as you play.

That said, always remember to keep your fingers away from the sides of the bowl, as this dampens the sound.

3. Aim for Longevity 

During practice, work on sustaining the length and depth of the tones as you rub the outer rim. Whether you’re going to record this or are just playing it live for yourself or loved ones, longer sounds are great for getting into the zone.

As you work the rim, you can experiment with slight speed variations to add dimension to your song.

4. Don’t Box Yourself In

You’re getting good at this. Now you can find new ways to enjoy and share your original stress relief music. 

Mix it up by arranging several singing bowls in a semi-circle in front of you and playing them all alternately. This is a sound bath, and it works to move you into a “rest and digest” state whether you’re playing it for yourself or a group of listeners. 

Use your phone to record your singing bowl sounds and enjoy it anytime you need to take a brain break.

The key idea is that you don’t have to be in one spot doing a particular thing to relax. Find new ways to improve or include stress relief techniques.

5. Accept a Helping Hand

Do you feel like you’re not getting maximum relaxation and stress relief from your singing bowl? As always, we’re here to help. Take our bowl selection quiz and find your perfect match.

What type of sounds are instantly calming for you? Which singing bowl do you prefer for stress relief? Let us know in the comments!

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