25 Acts of Kindness for Yourself, Others, and The Planet

25 Acts of Kindness for Yourself, Others, and The Planet

The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, “What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” and we at Silent Mind have to agree. Acting with kindness teaches us more about the impact of our intention than any book, theory, or meditation practice ever could.

Kindness also flourishes easily. Here are 25 ideas for seeds of kindness that you can plant this week. They can benefit people you know, people you don’t know, and the planet. We’ve even included acts that let you express kindness toward yourself, to remind you that you are deserving, too.

1. Donate time to charity instead of money, even if only an hour here and there.

2. Leave a nice note on someone’s windshield. They’ll be pleasantly surprised you weren’t criticizing their parking job.

3. Leave unused coupons next to the items they are for at the grocery store.

4. Write to a former educator. Does your favorite teacher know that they were ever your favorite teacher? Look them up and shoot them an email describing how they were a positive influence in your life.

5. Tell your boss how great you think another coworker is doing.

6. Plant. It could be a cup in a windowsill or a garden in the yard. Either way, bring more life to every space with plants.

7. Pay yourself a compliment. Did you absolutely kill it at work today? Does that sweater fit you perfectly? Admire it!

8. Help others recycle. If your neighbors don’t recycle, tell them you’ll share a recycling bin with them, or take their cans, bottles, and boxes off of their hands.

9. Give things you don’t want away for free.

10. Read aloud to children and the elderly.

11. Learn a little bit of a foreign language. Do you know someone who has moved here or is visiting from another country? Take the time to learn a few conversational phrases in their language.

12. Pay for the person behind you at the toll booth.

13. See someone having a great time? Offer to take their picture. That way, they can remember it forever without struggling to take a selfie.

14. Leave positive comments. People seem to be more “inspired” to leave a comment online when it’s something they don’t like. The next time you read or see something you like, leave a comment saying so.

15. Hold the elevator door. Hold open every door.

16. Be kind to “creepy” things. Spiders and bees play an important role in our ecosystem. The next time you see one, let it go on about its day.

17. Call just to say, “I love you.”

18. Say “hi” to someone you never normally greet.

19. Buy a friend a singing bowl. The gift of peace and happiness, as well as an easy way for anyone to make beautiful music.

20. Thank your parents.

21. Stash an extra umbrella in your desk or car. When it rains, be ready to pass it off to someone who doesn’t have one.

22. Help out on a friend’s moving day.

23. Sleep in. You’ll feel refreshed, and this will let you be your best as you help others along the way.

24. Start a savings fund to buy yourself something you really, really want.

25. Wash someone else’s dirty dishes.

Could you be so kind as to leave a comment below? We’d love to get your ideas for more acts of kindness.

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  • What great ideas. The world needs more kindness.

    Pamela Ann Manley on

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