Why Buy Tibetan Bowls from Silent Mind?

When you buy one of our bowls, not only are you choosing an authentic product that has been handcrafted just outside Kathmandu, you are also supporting the Nepalese economy, which is still in recovery after the devastating earthquake of 2015.

A cataclysmic earthquake struck the country in April of 2015. It registered 7.8 on the Richter Scale and took the lives of 9,000 people ,while an additional 22,000 were injured.

Kathmandu's economy suffered heavily, especially with the quake's impact on tourism, their lifeblood. Nepalese locals are desperate for business and many have resorted to crafts.

Helping a Nation Rise from the Rubble

Donation is a wonderful thing, but buying local products - such as their beautiful Tibetan bowls - helps stimulate the economy and bring back people's livelihoods and sense of purpose.

We are committed to seeing through the recovery of Nepal from this horrific ordeal, ensuring we fairly negotiate our pricing arrangement with our manufacturer, who we have developed a great friendship with.

To that end, we will continue to cultivate our business relationship for many years to come. We want to be part of the new community that rises from this rubble. Hopefully, we can bring our friends from the Western world into the fold, too.
We thank you greatly for being a part of that effort. We thought it was critical that you know how much more you are doing as you enjoy your singing bowls.

Thanks again for your support,

The Silent Mind Team