New Crystal Singing Bowls from Silent Mind

New Crystal Singing Bowls from Silent Mind

Earlier this year, we gave Silent Mind customers an inside look at how our authentic, handcrafted, metal alloy singing bowls are made. We’ll continue turning out quality metal singing bowls with ornate etching, gorgeous-yet-challenging finishes, and as always, superior sound.

But this season, we’re excited to introduce something a little different.

The Silent Mind Crystal Chakra Singing Bowl

Though we love our classic collection, we want to help every singing bowl lover complete their collection. And no singing bowl collection is truly complete without a crystal bowl.

Crystal bowls are played the same way as others, but you might find that the sound itself is more delicate, yet hangs in the air slightly longer.
Many prefer crystal singing bowls because they also believe in the healing properties of natural crystals, like quartz. For them, crystal singing bowls provide sound therapy and crystal therapy in one.

How could you possibly improve on that? By tuning a range of bowls to specific notes that help us work with the seven main chakras. Chakra healing, crystal therapy, and sound therapy come together in our new line of crystal singing bowls.

All of our quartz crystal singing bowls come as a set with a rubber O-ring to stabilize the bowl and two different styles of mallets.

The Root Chakra: The root chakra represents basic primal needs, such as survival and security. Our root chakra crystal singing bowl is tuned to play a C note.

The Sacral Chakra: The sacral chakra governs joy, passion, and creativity. The Silent Mind sacral chakra singing bowl emits a D note. 

The Solar Plexus Chakra: The solar plexus chakra is all about personal power, confidence, and authenticity. To help summon more of these, we’ve tuned the solar plexus chakra crystal singing bowl to E.

The Heart Chakra: The heart chakra marks the beginning of a higher purpose, one that begins with the ability to send love freely into the universe. Our heart chakra crystal singing bowl is tuned to an F note.

The Throat Chakra: The throat chakra helps us speak our truth, and be understood by others. Our quartz crystal throat chakra singing bowl sings a G note beautifully. 

The Third Eye Chakra: The third eye chakra is the energetic center of our wisdom and intuition. Tune in and go deep with the Silent Mind third eye chakra crystal singing bowl, which emits a C note.

The Crown Chakra: Transcendence is at hand when working with the crown chakra, which bridges the divide between inner and outer worlds. Our B note quartz crystal crown chakra singing bowl can certainly be described as transcendent.

You don’t have to be into chakra work to enjoy our new crystal bowls. Like other bowls, they still make beautiful, ethereal music that is perfect for mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Plus, quartz crystal is an excellent addition to any area you wish to practice Feng Shui in; we consider it very cleansing and purifying.

Do you own any crystal singing bowls? How do you find they differ from others? What do you think of ours?

Discuss below!


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