Five Ways to Find Your Purpose

Five Ways to Find Your Purpose

We can have everything we need, but still, feel dissatisfied with life. What we thought would make us happy and fulfilled, just sort of stopped working. It may be that we need to find a new purpose in life.

Why Pick a Purpose?

Whether it’s a cross-country move, charitable venture, or new job, some fresh starts are so gratifying because they align us with our true purpose. 

A recent study affirms that people who feel they have a purpose live longer. That supports earlier research linking your life purpose to better health, so you enjoy those extra years in comparatively better physical shape.

Plus, purpose makes us happy. It makes our days meaningful. Living with purpose means we’re more likely to be innovative, productive, goal-driven, and organized. It makes it easier to enter the flow state and pass time happily.

Here are some ways to reveal your purpose.

Eliminate the Noise

Life is full of lessons. We understand that to get to where we want to be, we’ll have to deal with unpleasant things. However, there’s a good chance that some of our challenges are not necessary for our goals.

For example, you’re asked to do a task at work that you do not like or feel you are good at. If you were looking to be promoted or receive a raise, you can see how going through with the task could contribute to your goals. If that’s not the case, then that job could be in the way of living a purposeful life.


Start Volunteering

Volunteering introduces us to new perspectives and people from different walks of life. It can awaken something in us that changes what we value. If not, it can at least make us feel as though we are doing something more meaningful with our time. 


Be the Change

If you could change anything about your community or the world as a whole, what would it be? It’s time to realize that you’re not too small or insignificant to have an impact. Whether you’re fired up about social justice issues or see room for improvement close to home, passion is purpose. Follow it. 


Define Your Values

If people knew what their purpose was, they’d have an easier time living it. So, don’t feel too down if you have no idea what gives your life meaning. Instead, make a list of what matters to you. Is it always being honest, open-minded, a loyal friend? If your life pulls you away from or doesn’t support your core values, your purpose is somewhere else.

Take Your “Hobby” More Seriously

Sometimes, a hobby is just a hobby. Away to relax or enjoy ourselves in our downtime. But for some of us, it’s a thing we love dearly that we wish we had more time for. We invest money in it, research it to learn everything we can about it, and imagine ourselves doing it when we don’t have time. That’s a good sign it gives us a sense of purpose. See how you can make more room for it; having a purpose is never selfish, unproductive, or silly.

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  • Good luck on your journey Shai! Namaste. . .

    Jamie Mendler on
  • I am now finding, and discovering what my purpose is. It is a journey but I know in the end it’ll be worth it.

    Shai Carter on

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