10 Tips for Caring for Your Singing Bowl

10 Tips for Caring for Your Singing Bowl

For the most part, singing bowls exist just fine on their own. They look beautiful on a shelf or desk, patiently waiting to be played. However, you can extend the life of your singing bowl by giving it the proper care it needs every now and then. Here are 10 of our best tips for taking care of a singing bowl.


  1. Watch your fingers.


Natural oils from our fingers are the primary reason we need to regularly clean our singing bowls. So when you do buckle down to give your bowl a thorough cleaning, be extra mindful of those areas where you know you touch it most.


  1. Remove dust regularly.


Aside from oil, dust should never be allowed to sit on your singing bowl for long periods of time. While so much dust is dead skin, some of it can contain toxic chemicals from things you use around your house. Over time, this can be bad for the bowl’s finish.


  1. Use simple, whole ingredients.


We know how much you love your bowl, but it’s a mistake to buy special metal polish for it. Silent Mind recommends freshly squeezed lemon juice. The metals in a Silent Mind singing bowl are a particular alloy we source from the Himalayas. It’s best not to use any commercial, mass-produced cleansers on our special blend.


  1. Do not scrub.


The finish and design on our bowls is unlike any other. We admit that if you’re not careful, you can damage that finish. Using salt, baking soda, or any other scrub can scratch your bowl.


  1. The rule of three.


When you do a thorough cleaning, be sure you have three soft cloths. One to apply the lemon juice, one for water to wipe away the lemon juice, and one to buff it dry. We’ve tried a whole lot of other ways, but this leads to the best, brightest results.


  1. Keep it upright.


As a reminder, your bowl is handcrafted using ancient techniques that give it the ability to make the beautiful sounds it does. If you make a habit of toting it on its side, or letting it flip upside down, small changes to the rim and sides could impact the sound.


  1. Always keep it dry.


The metals that make up your singing bowl are also averse to moisture. Letting your bowl stay wet can cause rust and corrosion. No matter what happens, always dry it off as soon as you can.


  1. Handle with care.


While it’s certainly possible for a singing bowl to survive a drop, make every effort to avoid repeatedly dropping it. It can permanently impact the sound it makes. Also, drops make it susceptible to cracks, which totally ruin a singing bowl.


  1. No sunshine, please.


We love playing our singing bowl outside, but we never leave it out there, or let it sit alone in the sun. If you’re taking your singing bowl outdoors, reserve a space in the shade where its finish will be safe.


  1. The perfect pair.


A singing bowl is of little use without its striker. Wherever you store or display your singing bowl, keep the striker with it. They were simply meant to be together!


How do you care for your singing bowl? Let us know your thoughts or extra tips below! 

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  • What would you do in the case of rusting? I’ve only had my singing bowls for 6 months and because of humidity they are beginning to rust.

    Thank you,


    Nicole Morrissey on
  • I used a copper cleaner on my new bowl when I first received it. I thought it would really make it shine, but it ruined the coloring! It now has a dull look.
    Wish I could afford a new one just. like it! I will have to live with my mistake. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate!

    Thank you,

    Danna Wolf

    Danna J Wolf on

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