Silent Mind Singing Bowls

Our selection of handpicked singing bowls have been carefully and individually selected to bring you the finest collection of traditional, Nepalese, craftsmanship - a fine art in its own sense. Every single one of our bowls is made by a Nepalese manufacturer just outside of the country’s capital, Kathmandu, chosen for their quality and clarity of sound.

We work closely with our manufacturer, who have grown to become wonderful friends. Our strong belief in fair trade means we always fairly negotiate a pricing agreement, having a positive impact on the local economy, while the mutual respect and trust between us guarantees the high quality of our singing bowls.

What are singing bowls used for?

Singing bowls have been around for thousands of years, producing sounds that allow the listener to enjoy a deep state of tantric relaxation. While they were originally used for religious rituals, people outside of Buddhist monasteries began to use singing bowls as well.

Since word of the benefits steadily spread, singing bowls are currently used worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation, and personal well-being. They are also treasured by yoga practitioners. Singing bowls are appropriate for anyone wishing to create a safe space which fosters calm and tranquility, helping individuals and groups alike achieve peace and a healthier state of mind through meditation.

Many people find that the combination of soft, harmonic sounds and deeply rooted tones and textures reflects sound from both within and without, thus encouraging a balancing left/right brain synchronisation.